Newshound’s Newsround 18/11/16



Weekending 18/11/16

TORIES skul.gif

  1. Conservative MPs just voted to hide the real impact of their devastating welfare cuts
  2. Home Secretary threw out Orgreave inquiry without looking at cops’ evidence
  3. Brexit will not be a pain-free ‘quickie divorce’ by 2019, parliamentary inquiry hears
  4. Theresa May needs to put her money where her mouth is and help those in need
  5. Theresa May dealt fresh blow as Supreme Court judge signals major delay on starting Brexit
  6.  Tory MPs just voted down a bid to reveal the impact of their £3.4bn welfare cut
  7. Police have LOST woman’s Ted Heath statement about a missing boy
  8. Tories have NO plan for Brexit, leaked Government memo reveals
  9. Brits pay £859 EACH to cover David Cameron’s austerity cuts
  10. ‘Brexit is REVERSIBLE’ Minister to argue Article 50 can be STOPPED in Supreme Court battle
  11. Everything Theresa May planned for the benefits system needs to change because of what Brexit Britain will look like



  1. 73 MPs to reject plans to trigger Article 50
  2. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash over Brexit plans
  3. Special screenings of I, Daniel Blake in campaign against cuts to ESA
  4. Labour MP calls for urgent investigation into tax avoidance scheme
  5. Jeremy Corbyn supporters release song in bid for Christmas number one
  6. Jeremy Corbyn Accuses Tories Of Being As Bad As Donald Trump
  7. MPs tell shamed Keith Vaz to quit powerful Justice Committee amid police drugs probe 

DWP skul-1.gif

  1. UN’s conclusion that UK violated disability rights is ‘vindication’ for activists
  2. Tory MPs call for welfare cuts rethink after pause motion passed 
  3. Tories shamed by double blow over disabled rights and Bedroom Tax – but shrug off UN’s damning verdict 
  4. Tories blew £100k of public money hiding list of firms that used jobseekers for unpaid work
  5. Tory rebellion sees government defeated over disability benefits cuts
  6. Whistleblower lifts lid on complaints from disabled people about heartless PIP assessments
  7. The Nation’s Shame UN Report
  8. Cut after cut has left a disabled woman with nothing to live on
  9. Government to ease benefit sanctions
  10. Iain Duncan Smith’s tougher fit-to-work tests ‘coincide with 590 additional suicides’
  11. The UN Report into UK Government maltreatment of disabled people has been published
  12. Does this government want to punish us for being disabled?
  13. London boroughs prepare for impacts of lowered benefit cap 
  14. What do Remploy, Capita and Maximus have in common? They’re all Disability Confident
  15. Council surplus must be spent on care
  16. CARE CRISIS: Millions of pensioners struggling to live independently
  17. Changing benefits so people ‘get out what they put in’ can only reward the rich
  18. Benefits Assessor: If The Company I Work For Fails To Meet Assessment Targets, It Can Get Fined By The DWP
  19. Ken Loach urges government not to cut disability benefits
  20. Benefits Assessor: If The Company I Work For Fails To Meet Assessment Targets, It Can Get Fined By The DWP
  21. Work and Pensions Committee : ‘Concerns’ over “Policemen” Work Coaches and Work and Health Programme.
  22. The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits
  23. I, Daniel Blake screenwriter stunned by wall of notes left by movie-goers at Edinburgh cinema
  24. I, Daniel Blake ‘an accurate representation of austerity Britain’
  25.  ‘Devastating’, ‘unethical’, ‘cruel’… disabled people react to green paper 



  1. “The system makes us depressed”: The impacts of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ on children and their education
  2. Social housing and immigration – Myth busting and other useful stuff
  3. COMPASSIONATE TORIES: Mum ‘living in fear’ of rapist ex forced into paying bedroom tax
  4. Anti-homelessness helpline now receiving call for help every 30 seconds
  5. MPs debate court ruling on housing benefit changes
  6. Only a decrepit society would deprive young families of a home
  7. Salford’s mayor didn’t believe the homeless figures so did his own count – what he found was shocking
  8. Anti-homelessness helpline now receiving call for help every 30 seconds
  9. Most renters feel they’re unlikely to buy home in next five years



Harry Leslie Smith [Image: Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror].

I never expected to see the conditions that gave rise to Hitler and Nazism come to America and UK

Harry Leslie Smith

NHS & Health Matters nurse-2.gif

  1. Tory MP calls for debate on introducing NHS charges
  2. Mental health laws are ‘intrinsically discriminatory’
  3. ‘BED BLOCKING’ CRISIS: Numbers of patients unnecessarily stuck hits record levels
  4. Tories join NHS chiefs in call for increased social care funding 
  5. Patients with colds told to see pharmacist instead of GP to save NHS £34m
  6. Is your local hospital under threat? NHS bosses launch secret plans to axe A&E’s
  7. Promised £8bn extra for NHS is not enough, says hospitals boss 
  8. Tories refuse to rule out charging for healthcare
  9. NHS DEMAND: GPs treating ‘more patients than EVER before as quality standards drop’
  10. Nurse substitutes may put lives at risk
  11. DIY diagnosis of illness is dangerous trend, say pharmacists
  12. Diabetes cases ROCKET by 75 per cent
  13. NHS spends £600m a year fixing botched ops by private healthcare & Hunt praises the privateers
  14. NHS bosses ‘trying to keep cuts secret’ – BBC News
  15. Virgin Gets Claws into £700 Million Care Contract
  16. Anger grows over private firm’s £700million deal to run 200 NHS services

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Company director jailed after telling judge community service was beneath him
  2. YUCK! 13 absolutely inspirational moustaches to grow for Movember 2016
  4. Tory minister says private firms should play a bigger role in the welfare system
  5. More than 7m Britons now in precarious employment 
  6. Rats the size of cats have been found in Kent
  7. Agony aunt tells rape victim she should be ‘grateful he wore a condom’
  8. This vibrator museum charts the history of sex toyst10513_gif


  1. STOP FUNDING HATE Lego ends advertising with Daily Mail 
  2. Watchdog urged to defend poorest
  3. Government watchdog warns UK’s ‘corrosive’ social mobility problem is worsening
  4. Revealed: temp agencies’ tax avoidance scheme costs ‘hundreds of millions’ 
  5. Big Six energy companies ‘making SIX times more profit than they say’
  6. The UN Just Criticised The UK’s Record On Disability Rights
  7. Campaigners demand action on fuel poverty
  8. Teachers take on ‘worst school cuts in a generation’ 
  9. TTIP dead by Christmas? EU pessimistic on trade deal
  10. More mince pies for all as price of Christmas food drops
  11. Sting plays first concert at the Bataclan one year on from Paris attacks
  12. People with dementia ‘routinely deprived of their rights’

WEATHER: No fir-cone forecasts this week, because Anna has had eye surgery, she is now moonlighting taste testing fish fingers for Birdseye  k0515_gif

  1. 2016 ‘very likely’ to be world’s warmest year

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