Newshound’s Newsround 2/12/16



Weekending 2/12/16

TORIES skul.gif

  1. Boris Johnson is a clown who has united the EU against Britain
  2. Ministers face backlash after publishing watered-down crackdown on fat-cat bosses in wake of BHS pension scandal
  3. There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove
  4. Theresa May faces Tory backlash over £240m boost for grammar school places
  5. Government must make sure it negotiates a Brexit deal that doesn’t leave Britain poorer
  6. Theresa May to unveil boardroom crackdown on private big business
  7. UK unlikely to stay in single market, Tory document suggests
  8. New UKIP leadership were all (failed) former Tories
  9. Tory government accused of running civil service ‘terribly’ by blowing £2.3bn on temp staff
  10. Find more money for elderly care, Tory MPs tell Hammond
  11. Tory MPs call for welfare cuts rethink after pause motion passed
  12. Tory claim to be on the side of the ‘just about managing’ is ludicrous’
  13. MPs are set to order nearly £1million worth of CARPET to spruce up their Commons offices 
  14. Everything Theresa May thinks she’s doing for workers is only making their situation worse
  15. Could May do THIS to BRITAIN?
  16. The families from hell fiasco: How Cameron’s £450m ‘cure’ for Broken Britain has achieved nothing
  17. Conservative education policy is in chaos [you think]
  18. New curbs on private firms like Sir Shifty’s as part of corporate crackdown planned by Theresa May 
  19. Now Theresa May bids to give staff a say on fat cats’ pay: PM’s horror that the top CEOs earn £4.3m a year
  20. UK facing ‘dreadful decade’ as living standards slip
  21. Tories give hundreds of Passport Office temps full-time jobs in “humiliating U-turn” to avoid repeat of chaos


Miners bid for Christmas number one to raise cash for food banks



‘My belief in God lies behind what I do’  Which begs the question:

What God is that?


  1. Jeremy Corbyn praises “champion of social justice” Fidel Castro
  2. Labour accuses Theresa May of breaking pledge to protect NHS over £35bn black hole in spending
  3. Corbyn: Tory rule worst for workers in the last century
  4. More than 150 Labour defy Corbyn and vote against new Iraq inquiry into Blair ‘misleading’ parliament
  5. Jeremy Corbyn launches ‘Care for the NHS’ campaign
  6. Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of putting huge corporate tax cuts ahead of tackling social care crisis
  7. ‘What are your priorities?’ Jeremy Corbyn blasts PM
  8. PMQs sketch: Jeremy Corbyn put on a great performance today

foodbank use.jpg

DWP skul-1.gif& Sanctions have been in the news!

  1. What to do if DWP disregard medical evidence saying you can’t do Work Related Activity #ESA
  2. Kayleigh is on universal credit. Her first payment arrives next year
  3. British Psychological Society signs statement opposing welfare sanctions
  4. No evidence welfare sanctions work, says National Audit Office
  5. There’s NO evidence that benefit sanctions work
  6. HMRC wanted new contract with Concentrix despite being ‘well aware’ of its blunders!
  7. Sacked Concentrix caused humiliation
  8. Benefits sanctions plunging claimants into ‘hunger and depression’
  9. Benefits sanctions: a policy based on zeal, not evidence
  10. Official report reveals the hated benefit sanctions regime costs taxpayers £153million more a year to run than it saves
  11. Lives destroyed for the 4million families living in cold, damp homes – the real dangers of fuel poverty
  12. Work Capability Assessment: a toxic failure for the disabled
  13. Fed up with zero-hours contracts and temporary work? Here’s what to do
  14. ‘Harrowing’ time of life on disability benefits laid bare
  15. Families of disabled children underpaid thousands in tax credits 
  16. Grandfather told to get a job has decision reversed by DWP after Daily Record story
  17. Pension age may be about to rise again, says former minister
  18. Disabled set up to fail benefit assessments, says former DWP officer
  19. Charity slams ‘intolerable’ benefit cuts as disabled set to lose around £1,500 a year
  20. I, Daniel Blake star in fuel poverty fight
  21. National Audit Office criticises DWP Sanctions
  22. Why sanction benefits when there’s no proof the harsh approach works?
  23. Pension Age to Rise – Yet Again. “Basically a Huge Tax Rise”
  24. Chancellor urged to delay ‘punitive and regressive’ disability cuts
  25. Spike in food bank usage blamed on delays in benefit claims
  26. Labour pledge £155 per week for women hit by pension age changes
  27. Tax credit error costs families with disabled children £4,400 a year 
  28. Foodbank use – Then the Cuts Kick in


  1. And so the benefit cap evictions begin
  2. Greedy housebuilders make billions while getting taxpayer subsidies – yet fail thousands of homeless families
  3. Housing inequality is a failure to govern, and the market is not the answer
  4. More than 250,000 people in England are homeless, says Shelter
  5. Builders make billions as housing crisis escalates
  6. Three things the government must put in the housing white paper

In 2013, the number of sanctions imposed on benefits claimants exceeded the number of fines imposed by magistrates’ and sheriffs’ courts – more than 1.1m benefits sanctions against about 840,000 court fines. The sanctions system is, in effect, operating as a parallel punishment system, judged in secret by officials source

NHS & Health Matters nurse-2.gif

  1. Huge rise in hospital beds in England taken up by people with malnutrition
  2. NHS patients told to lose weight and quit smoking or face operation delays
  3. Rough sleepers denied specialist mental health support
  4. Stop asking us to deliver the impossible, NHS trusts urge ministers
  5. NHS running at ‘high level of risk’ as it prepares to cope with onslaught of winter flu outbreak 
  6. Ukip elects enemy of NHS as its new leader
  7. NHS ‘wasting billions’ on prescription drugs and now at risk of bankruptcy
  8. NHS cuts putting patient safety at risk, TUC warns
  9. Send patients to private sector to avert winter crisis, hospitals told
  10. Corbyn hits out as OBR report shows NHS staffing fall
  11. MPs demand probe into blood scandal cover-up 
  12. Prove you need to see the GP: Hundreds of doctors are assessing patients in three-minute phone calls before granting face-to-face appointments
  13. Britain must now make the MOST of Brexit to help SAVE our NHS, doctors warn
  14. Patient safety at risk because of GPs’ ‘unmanageable’ workloads, BMA survey finds
  15. Nurses facing £4,000 pay cut over 5 years as Tories choose not to help ‘hard-pressed’ public sector workers
  16. Send patients to private sector to avert winter crisis, hospitals told | Society

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. China PREPARES for WAR
  2. Hilarious moment man jumps ticket barrier in front of transport minister discussing fare dodgers on TV
  3. Squatters evicted from building of company that works to stop squatting
  4. Holocaust survivor BLASTS care home: ‘I feel like I’m back in concentration camp’
  5. Man strolls off with £1.2million BUCKET OF GOLD after stealing it from armoured truck in street
  6. Bid to impose zero-hours contracts on foster carers
  7. Undercover SAS troops on Oxford Street to protect shoppers from Christmas terror attacks
  8. Nigel Farage’s Brexit march on Supreme Court cancelled amid claims it might be hijacked by far right groups
  9. Did the Daily Mail just try to blame immigrants for the Jo Cox killing?
  10. John Bercow bills taxpayer £1,000 for new suit


  1. FA sets up an internal inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse in football
  2. Barry Bennell charged with child sex offences
  3. Ex-football coach Barry Bennell charged with eight sexual assault offences
  4. Football sex abuse: Eric Bristow criticised for suggesting victims not ‘proper men’


  1. Everyone who can now see your entire internet history, including the taxman, DWP and Food Standards Agency
  2. Families urged not to land themselves in further debt this Christmas
  3. Millions just one pay cheque away from homelessness, research shows
  4. The pedlars of fake news are corroding democracy
  5. Fidel Castro dead at 90
  6. Just About Managing? Tens of thousands of us are sinking
  7. Experts warn austerity could create a ‘lost generation’ of children with unmet support needs
  8. Activists blockade Amazon warehouse
  9. Fresh bid launched to censure Tony Blair over the Iraq war
  10. Are we all really expected to work until we drop?
  11. Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out 
  12. Football sex abuse: Crewe launch child abuse investigation
  13. Castro a revolutionary the CIA couldn’t kill
  14. Is this what the UK’s education system can learn from low-tech Africa?
  15. How to DELETE yourself from the internet: Website erases your online existence with the click of a button 
  16. Only the workers can sort out our economic mess


  1. UK in for cold snap as temperatures forecast to be as low as -8C
  2. Public health warning as Britons brace for plummeting temperatures



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