This week in the News 31/03/17


  1. Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson go to pieces when asked about Tory election fraud live on air
  2. MPs who fail to declare outside interests should be treated like criminals
  3. TORY CORRUPTION Philip Hammond’s company received business rates cut in Budget, figures show
  4. TORY LIES tory MPs laugh as they are asked about Vote Leave’s promise to spend extra £350m on NHS 
  5. Brexit: Theresa May’s Article 50 launch trashed after top EU politicians reject key demands
  6. PIG BOY SAID: I was right to hold Brexit referendum
  7. Article 50: Theresa May to call on UK to unite after letter triggers Brexit
  8. May heads for Sturgeon SHOWDOWN
  9. Article 50 officially triggered: Here’s the moment Theresa May’s letter was delivered to Donald Tusk
  10. Tory minister forced to apologise 3 times in 15 minutes over treatment of disabled people
  11. The Tories aren’t gambling with their own livelihoods, they’re gambling with yours
  12. Is Amber Amber Rudd happy for police to see what SHE’s saying on WhatsApp?
  13. Theresa May’s personality could jeopardise a good Brexit deal
  14. Theresa May faces ‘legislative swamp’ after she triggers Article 50
  15. Theresa May needs to inform the DWP about her position on mental health
  16. The lies of the right that debase civilised society
  17. Theresa May is wrecking this country. Can someone stop her before it’s too late?
  18. How the Tories have tried to thwart my campaign against the rape clause
  19. Brexit: Rise of the gig economy in the UK fuelled decision to leave EU
  20. Tory MPs storm out of meeting to protest ‘gloomy’ report on Brexit
  21. Tory social club to pay out £35,000 after sexists branded female members a “witch” and a “cow”
Old Mutton dressed as Lamb!


  1. Labour MP has declared war on McDonald’s over the treatment of its staff
  2. The end of UKIP as an electoral force? Carswell quits to become independent MP
  3. Labour has won a major electoral victory – so the mainstream media are ignoring it
  4. Jeremy Corbyn says UK should not be afraid of debt to fund investment
  5. Would-be union boss warns the Labour Party ‘faces militant-led coup’
  6. Labour to oppose ‘Henry VIII powers’ being used to rewrite EU laws
  7. Labour Peers order Theresa May to think again over cruel disability benefit cuts
  8. ‘Don’t let the mean streets of my past be our future’
  9. Jeremy Corbyn warns Theresa May wants a ‘low wage tax haven’ Britain as she triggers Article 50
  10. ‘GROW UP!’ Paul Nuttall launches SCATHING attack on Carswell for defecting from UKIP

Tories showcase their ‘stronger, fairer, better Britain’ by declaring war on the disabled


  1. Disability benefits shake-up hitting 165,000 people to take force as MPs run out of time to block it
  2. Rape Crisis centre refuses to help DWP enforce its tax credit rape clause
  3. Rio Ferdinand blasts DWP for cuts to benefits for grieving parents
  4. Maybe Theresa May needs to inform the DWP about her position on mental health
  5. State pension age must rise again, says report
  6. The truth about benefits sanctions
  7. Soaring appeal rates are “clearly eroding trust” in the Tories’ cruel PIP tests
  8. Poorest UK families struggle to put food on the table
  9. DWP expose DWP their lies over HB – £2.5bn pa MORE in real terms
  10. Imminent UK cuts to mothers’ DWP tax credits are an assault on women’s human rights
  11. More creative statistical accounting from DWP
  12. A World without Retirement
  13. Painting disabled people as ‘workshy’: that’s what benefits cuts are all about
  14. DWP PIP Defeat Could Mean Awards For Thousands, Shock PIP Review Statistics, Are ESA Reviews Being Put Off For Two More Years?
  15. Tories may cause ‘irreparable damage’ to homeless services
  16. Thousands Of PIP Claimants With Epilepsy Have Income Slashed On Transfer From DLA
  17. Youth Obligation Benefits Scheme (YOBS)
  18. Safety and supervison ruling could mean PIP for many more claimants
  19. My learning disability doesn’t mean I should be paid less. I’m furious
  20. 9 days, over 14 phone calls, and a lot of Vivaldi later
  21. Nearly half of young mums skip meals as they struggle to feed their children, survey reveals
  22. Disability benefits: MPs granted emergency debate in final attempt to halt controversial curbs
  23. Universal Credit can’t work, never could and never will. It has to be abandoned!
  24. Call to halt ‘shambolic’ Universal Credit roll-out
  25. Nearly half of PIP reviews saw award cut, according to unpublished DWP figures
  26. ‘Benefit cuts fuelling rising homelessness’, charity warns


Suicide is an option for poor children

Words fail me!

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Tory housing benefit cuts ‘put young people at risk of homelessness’
  2. Bill and Ben the power flop men explain the LHA maxima
  3. Buying a home is impossible for millions without rich parents say government’s own advisors
  4. Bedroom Tax is a £23.1 billion IDS failure
  5. Tories may cause ‘irreparable damage’ to homeless services, charity warns
  6. ‘Dog kennel’ flats in Barnet will be 40% smaller than Travelodge room
  7. Ministers to reverse universal credit policy for homeless families
  8. Labour council accused of ‘criminalising homelessness’
  9. Council tax bills to rise in nine out of 10 English local authorities
  10. Death and dismay as sleeping rough is back again
  11. Homelessness and housing problems reach crisis point in all EU countries

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. Half of £2bn boost for NHS ‘spent outside health service’ 
  2. Patient trolleys and toilets ‘heavily contaminated with blood and faeces’ at new Glasgow hospital
  3. Tories privately admit 900 pharmacies could close – despite telling the public they wouldn’t
  4. Jeremy Hunt ‘asked FGM survivor if she could still have orgasms’
  5. Patients will pay for their own painkillers and cough medicine in NHS cost-cutting crackdown
  6. NHS’s leeches suck away at £1bn bonanza
  7. Health unions and MPs condemn ‘derisory’ 1% pay rise for NHS staff 
  8. Brexit causes nursing crisis as number joining NHS from Europe plunges 75%

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Dad caught stealing bag full of knickers from Debenhams – by his own daughter
  2. Adele admits her son Angelo, 4, SWEARS as bad as she does
  3. Minister admits G4S electronic tags may have wrongly sent people to prison
  4. Cop had to fight for job after paying £2 for homeless man’s stolen biscuits
  5. Supermarkets must stop offering huge discounts to tackle obesity
  6. Coca-Cola ‘waging secret war’ against new sugar tax
  7. US Airline bans female passengers from flight because they wore leggings

OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. MP hid seven strangers in Parliamentary office during Westminster attack 
  2. IT’S BRITISH SUMMERTIME! Find out what your clock should say now they have gone forward
  3. KARMA: Katie Hopkins loses appeal, ordered to pay Jack Monroe £107,000 in legal fees
  4. UK energy firms including big six miss smart meter deadline
  5. £1,200 cost for unfair dismissal claims is challenged in UK’s highest court
  6. Muslim women gather on Westminster Bridge in honour of victims killed in terror attack
  7. Thousands of police officers and young Muslims form human chain on Westminster Bridge in vigil 
  8. Major changes that will make you richer – or poorer from 1 April
  9. Human rights at risk via Brexit exit
  10. ‘Great repeal bill’ will create sweeping powers to change laws for Brexit
  11. Rise in female prisoner suicides linked to poor mental health support
  12. Tesco and Serious Fraud Office near to deal over accounting scandal
  13. Tax breaks for the ultra-rich & austerity measures for everyone else has left Britain on the brink
  14. ‘He’s just stuck here’ – war veteran a ‘prisoner in his own home’ after amputation
  15. FACEBOOK & GOOGLE ORDERED crackdown on radicalisation after London terror attack
  16. Google’s bad week: YouTube loses millions as advertising row reaches US
  17. Parts of UK that voted for Brexit may be hardest hit
  18. With so much dirty money around, it’s time to make UK banks clean up their act
  19. Pensioner killed in London terror attack was Winston Churchill’s window cleaner
  20. Autistic gym member called ‘stupid’ by staff teaches himself law and successfully sues Virgin
  21. Urgent review of security gates of Parliament needed after Westminster attack
  22. Thousands take to streets in anti-Brexit London march
  23. Prince William’s air ambulance helicopter ‘half a SECOND from deadly mid-air collision with drone at 1,900ft’
  24. ‘Someone is protecting Madeleine McCann’s kidnappers’ claims cop
  25. Female descendants of the White Slaves of England still fighting the devastating effects of low pay and 80-hour weeks
  26. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Cheryl gives birth to baby boy 
  27. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Prince Harry to move in with Meghan Markle 
  28. Councils need ‘full flexibility’ on how they spend £2bn social care funding

WEATHER: hols4-1.gif

  1. Climate change is altering global air currents – increasing droughts, heatwaves and floods 
  2. UK weather: Temperatures soar as Britain basks in hot air from Iberia – but it won’t last long

This week in the News 24/3/17


  1. Theresa May saying she’d love the superpower ‘to end hunger’ in Vogue is an insult to people starving because of Tory policies 
  2. The inside story of the Tory election scandal
  3. Two Tory MPs reveal CPS is reviewing their election spending
  4. George Osborne to become editor of London Evening Standard!
  5. Police probe Tory minister George Eustice over his expenses
  6. Standard editor Osborne ‘a mockery of free press’
  7. As predicted: ALL indicators show inflation is up and we’re heading for a crisis
  8. 10 humiliating Tory cock ups from just the last week alone
  9. Pressure mounts to oust Osborne from Parliament after appointment as ES editor
  10. After last week, the government may think things can’t get worse. It couldn’t be more wrong
  11. Tories want to waste your money on taxis for grammar school pupils when it could be helping disabled children
  12. Osborne may have broken rules over new role as 135,000 sign petition urging ‘CHOOSE A JOB’
  13. Sex-mad MPs, lords and their staff are using public computers to look up sex and dating sites
  14. Osborne, an ‘editor of substance’. What substance, crystal meth?
  15. David Cameron DEFENDS Tory election spending despite record £70,000 fine 
  16. MPs seek to cut £3.5bn bill for Houses of Parliament repairs
  17. Theresa May vows to tackle spiraling energy prices – yeah right! 


  1. Parliament attack: police hunt for clues after five killed ‘sick and depraved’ incident
  2. London attack: Woman dies in Westminster ‘terror’ incident
  3. Kindness and compassion amongst the carnage: How strangers helped victims of Westminster terror attack
  4. “In the darkest of days, heroes appear”: Nurses and doctors ran from nearby hospital to help save lives in London terror attack
  5. ‘Solidarity and support’: world leaders send wishes after attack in Westminster
  6. #WeAreNotAfraid: Londoners send out message after terror attack
  7. London Terrorist is named by police
  8. Westminster attack medics: ‘It was a day London has trained for’


  1. Blair slips net again as MPs rule out full investigation
  2. NUCLEAR BLAST: Labour MP IGNORES Corbyn & claims Trident is ‘VITAL’ for UK security
  3. SNP: ‘It’s a SLUM!’ Fed up residents SHAME Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘ghetto’ constituency 
  4. Blairite MP’s shameful secret email undermines democracy by urging RIGHT-wing takeover of Labour Party
  5. Corbyn accuses May of breaking pledge over grammar funds
  6. Labour pledges to ‘kick privateers out of welfare system’
  7. Why don’t you just GO?’ Corbyn HUMILIATED as senior Labour MP ‘tells leader to QUIT’ 
  8. Labour could take two years to recover credibility with voters
  9. John McDonnell admits it could take two more years to rebuild Labour’s credibility
  10. WAR CRIMINAL Tony Blair launches pushback against ‘frightening populism’



  1. Twisted Damian Green thinks it’s ‘exciting’ that future jobs may not have stable hours, holiday pay, sick pay or pensions
  2. In Liverpool, Tory cuts have brought a city and its people to breaking point 
  3. DWP in denial about Universal Credit hardship, says Work and Pensions Committee
  4. Benefits cap proposal puts spotlight on protection
  5. Ministers forced into sickness benefit u-turn over ‘sanction fodder’ measure
  6. ‘I was crying and in pain’—the truth behind the Tory benefit cuts
  7. We can’t go on pretending that poverty is solved by getting a job
  8. PIP Points Scores- As Of 16th March 2017
  9. Jobcentre closures will harm society’s most vulnerable
  10. ‘You’re better off in jail’
  11. PIP investigation: MPs expand search for evidence, but again sidestep dishonesty claims
  12. State pension age should be increased to 68 by 2039, review says
  13. Minister in plea for universal credit roll-out to be halted
  14. Benefit sanctions don’t work, and Westminster knows it
  15. A “Gandhi-like Revolt” – against the DWP
  16. Calls for debate into ‘rape clause’ denied
  17. Call to halt ‘shambolic’ Universal Credit roll-out
  18. Disability benefits process is ‘inherently flawed’, MPs told – so what?
  19. The truth about the roll out of Universal Credit
  20. Bribe older workers to retire later with cash lump sums
  21. Lords to carry fight against disability benefit changes condemned by Government’s own experts
  22. APPG presents ‘Ahead of the arc’ report to Damian Green
  23. Gig economy’ workers demand basic employment and benefit rights
  24. Child poverty in Britain reaches highest level since 2010
  25. Tory ministers refuse watchdog’s call to delay part of their ‘nasty’ disability benefit changes
  26. Suicide risk for UK carers three times national average
  27. 100,000 more children living in poverty, as charities slam Tory welfare cuts
  28. American ‘disability denial factories’ flourishing in the UK
  29. Tax credit ‘rape clause’ becomes law without parliamentary vote
  30. It’s funny that there are so many successful appeals against disability assessments – it’s as if there is something wrong with the system
  31. Universal Credit Brings Hardship – Work and Pensions Committee.
  32. Universal credit claimants ‘turning to loan sharks because of payment delays’
HOUSING house-1.gif
  1. The government will want to brush this young woman’s death under the carpet, and that’s not OK
  2. England’s homeless crisis to hit breaking point without radical rethinking of housing policies
  3. ‘Benefit cuts fuelling rising homelessness’
  4. Homelessness and housing problems reach crisis point in all EU countries
  5. Shelter and C4 Dispatches just don’t get the benefit cap
  6. The truth about the roll out of Universal Credit
  7. Housing Benefit – 94% not on the dole and other facts
NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif
  1. Money earmarked for mental health diverted to balance NHS books
  2. NHS plan for 7,500 GP practices to become 1,500 ‘superhubs’ revealed
  3. Security breach fears over 26 million NHS patients
  4. NHS patients ‘are put at risk’ in dirty and unhygienic private ambulances
  5. NHS facing ‘mission impossible next year’
  6. More NHS trusts are in financial special measures – all part of the Tory privatisation plan
  7. Government spent £17.6m on consultants hired to draw up NHS cutbacks
  8. Patients missing waiting time targets for NHS operations to ‘double next year’ 
  9. Revealed: The sickening waste of the NHS’s £100million empty properties which costs the taxpayer £10mill
  10. Are long delays with NHS wheelchairs another prelude to privatisation?
  11. Privateers Pocket £18M for Plotting NHS Closure
  12. Government accused of ‘kicking NHS when it’s down’ with high interest loans 
  13. Suicide prevention services stalling due to lack of funding
  14. Plan to save NHS £1billion and free up beds by moving patients from hospitals 
  15. Social care companies ‘profiteering’ on the backs of the most vulnerable




  1. Boss of British Gas owner gets 40% pay rise as millions live in fuel poverty
  2. Dead woman sent higher council tax bill letter ‘due to her passing away’
  3. BBC host criticised for letting paedophile call into radio show
  4. Prime Minister Theresa May poses for Vogue 
  5. Pilot explains every scary noise you hear on a plane to prove they’re absolutely nothing to worry about
  6. Three classic Monopoly pieces have been replaced in major board game shake-up
  7. The tiny London flat where the bed is inches from the TOILET – and it costs £520 a month
  8. Mob wrap suspected paedophile to road sign with cling film after luring him with fictitious 14-year-old
  9. Sparrow poo and bull penis: Europe’s best hangover cures
  10. ‘World’s biggest’ chicken is so gigantic some terrified viewers claim it must be a man in a costume
  11. “I thought it was a bird” ‘crackhead’ feels up cement mixer because he thinks it’s a woman
  12. Anger after nail salon charges ‘overweight’ people more for same treatment


OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. Record-breaking climate change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’
  2. Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow slams the BBC for letting the government get away with murder
  3. Theresa May told her school cuts are forcing teachers to buy ‘pens, pencils and paper’ out of their own pockets
  4. Katie Hopkins Spoof Fundraiser Actually Raises Money For Foodbank Charity The Trussell Trust
  5. Councils need ‘full flexibility’ on how they spend £2bn social care funding
  6. Bodyform To Donate 200,000 Free Sanitary Products To Ease Burden Of Period Poverty
  7. Coppers ‘persistently’ breach data protection laws with police tech
  8. Rising food and fuel prices hoist UK inflation rate to 2.3%
  9. UN asks UK to suspend work on Hinkley Point
  10. A lawyer’s take-down of Laura Kuenssberg’s bias is going viral
  11. Petition launched to provide free sanitary products in UK schools
  12. SSE the latest ‘big six’ firm to put its prices up
  13. Private companies could pull out of probation – why were they ever invited IN?
  14. British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money
  15. Child poverty in Britain reaches highest level since 2010
  16. London anti-racism march attracts huge numbers of protesters
  17. Care cuts may have fuelled largest rise in death rates for 50 years 
  18. New bombshell for self-employed: pay 400% more NICs or lose state pension 
  19. Trump stands by claim that British intelligence spied on him
  20. Underfunding hits free childcare plan


This week in the News 17/3/17



  1. TORY CORRUPTION whistleblowers accuse Tories of ‘huge betrayal’ of electorate over expenses
  2. TORY CORRUPTION Conservatives fined £70,000 for campaign spending failures
  3. TORY CORRUPTION They slash education spending while giving corporates and millionaires £70bn tax breaks
  4. TORY CORRUPTION The Tories’ £70bn tax giveaways to the super-rich and big business
  5. TORY CORRUPTION The Tory mafia of Surrey have their own protection racket, and it’s effective
  6. TORY CORRUPTION What do banks and financiers get in return for paying George Osborne £50,000 for one hour of work?
  7. TORY CORRUPTION 5 Tory scandals HAPPENING NOW that will bring them down
  8. TORY CORRUPTION ‘battlebus’ spending lies during election: Two activists claim they cheated over campaign spending & are now involved in a cover-up 
  9. TORY CORRUPTION It’s official: Women are suffering 86 per cent of the austerity burden. How much austerity have company bosses suffered?
  10. TORY CORRUPTION Philip Hammond gave us a budget for tax avoiders and giant firms
  11. TORY CORRUPTION Tory MPS fought cuts to their own council – after backing them for the rest of the country
  12. TORY CORRUPTION Surrey council received boost in budget after ‘sweetheart deal’
  13. MORE CORRUPTION Former Lord Speaker admits dropping inquiry into peers’ allowance claims
  14. MORE TORY ECONOMIC PERSECUTION: Girls are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary products!!!
  15. ANOTHER TORY U TURN Philip Hammond SCRAPS £2bn National Insurance tax hike 
  16. Where were disabled people in the Budget?
  17. Liam Fox backs campaign for new Britannia
  18. Tory architect of austerity George Osborne banks £1m fortune
  19. David Cameron’s ‘big society’ flagship cannot justify costs, say MPs
  20. Theresa May scrambles to avoid a major Tory rebellion over National Insurance tax hikes
  21. The Tory economy is built on sand
  22. Sovereignty? This government will sell us to the highest bidder
  23. Keeping it in the family Quarter of Westminster’s 650 MPs are now employing relatives costing taxpayer nearly £5million  
  24. Cutting tax, clawing back disability benefits: Hammond’s plan is familiar
  25. Britain has now experienced a “decade without growth”
  26. Fresh insights into Thatcher’s war on unions
  27. Leaked Treasury report warns of painful ‘economic shock’ if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal
  28. Home Office ‘turned down offer to foster 100 refugee children a week’
  29. Millions of EU citizens thrown back into uncertainty as MPs REJECT guarantee they can stay after Brexit

 LABOUR & other parties

  1. Labour MPs demand Corbyn backs fight to stay in single market
  2. Jeremy Corbyn in ‘fake news’ row
  3. Tony Blair will not face investigation into whether he misled Parliament over the Iraq War 
  4. Nicola Sturgeon to trigger second Scottish independence referendum
  5. Jeremy Corbyn says a maximum wage is still being considered by Labour
  6. Mhairi Black is right – Westminster politics is defunct
  7. Jeremy Corbyn puts Labour spending plans under spotlight
  8. Watch Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs to see how the Tories get away with being incompetent
  9. PMQs review: Jeremy Corbyn lets Theresa May off the hook
  10. Theresa May sowing seeds of her own downfall says Clegg
  11. Jeremy Corbyn slammed over failure to quiz Theresa May over tax hike U-turn
  12. The real drivers of inequality have come from political choices

The UN and the UT have condemned Britain’s treatment of its disabled, yet it is of little concern to the Tories

  1. March 30th National Day of Action Against Sanctions – organised by UNITE
  2. Tory welfare chief says disability benefit appeals are ‘extremely low’ – on day they hit record high
  3. DWP ‘tells disability benefits assessors to discriminate against people with mental health conditions’
  4. Keeping the Government’s Toes to the Fire – More reporting to the UN Disability Committee
  5. American ‘disability denial factories’ flourishing in the UK
  6. Over 30 charities call on the DWP to rethink ‘damaging’ disability benefit changes
  7. Theresa May claims no one will lose cash in disability benefit changes – but that’s contradicted by Government’s own watchdog


  1. The DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal is out in the open as assessors admit extreme questioning
  2. DWP’s fit-to-work tests ‘cause permanent damage to mental health’
  3. This government blunder has gone under the radar but it could explain the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
  4. DWP confirm existing ESA claimants will not be affected by £30 a week cut – sort of
  5. Parliamentary debate won’t solve the scandal of PIP cuts – it can only be resolved in the courts
  6. Tory ministers refuse watchdog’s call to delay part of their ‘nasty’ disability benefit changes
  7. Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show
  8. Oxymorons: The workfare exploiters who claim to be anti-workfare exposed
  9. How Damian Green DWP Minister knowingly misled Parliament over PIP
  10. People with mental health conditions denied equal access to the benefits system
  11. Budget 2017: Failure to tackle pensions inequality a ‘dereliction of duty’
  12. Benefits turned down? THEN KEEP APPEALING!
  13. Mental health discrimination ‘built into’ Work Capability Assessment
  14. Welfare Cuts as Universal Credit Founders.
  15. DWP ‘tells disability benefits assessors to discriminate against people with mental health conditions’
  16. How widowed parents are being hit again by Tory cuts to bereavement benefits
  17. Activists bring ‘no more benefit deaths’ message to Westminster
  18. Disabled peer says Mordaunt was ‘spinning like crazy’ over PIP cuts
  19. Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions

COMMENT OF THE WEEK The Bishop of Liverpool


“A measure of a true and just society is our attitude to the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society.
This report provides a statistical analysis of that measure and it makes hard reading.”


  1. TORY CRUELTY! Bedroom tax couple back in court as DWP try to block future appeals
  2. Universal Credit – A Shock For Lord Freud
  3. Trapped: the growing number of disabled people unable to leave their homes
  4. Rents fall for first time in six years
  5. Tories confirms pensioner back door bedroom tax of £1500+ per year
  6. Warning as rent arrears soar after Universal Credit pilot is rolled out in Scotland
  7. Universal Credit claimants forced to rely on food banks as rent arrears treble

NHS & Health Matters nurse-2.gif

  1. NHS ‘ heading for staff shortage because of Brexit as almost half European staff leave within five years’
  2. Patients left in agony as NHS hip operations axed after savage Tory cuts 
  3. Rationing of NHS services ‘leaving patients in pain and distress’, says new report


  1. Boaty McBoatface sent on first Antarctic mission
  2. ‘pickpocket queen’ jailed for 153rd offence
  3. Man complains prostitutes keeping knocking on his window
  4. New five pound note sells for £60,100 on eBay
  5. Killer posts sick selfie & boasts how he used his feet to brutally kick 13-year-old to death
  6. Girls ‘too poor’ to buy sanitary protection missing school
  7. This is how poisonous green crisps are – and why you still find them in your packet
  8. Hogging parking spaces is either genius or completely unacceptable
  9. Katie Price brands Frankie Boyle a “disgusting human being”
  10. Japan’s young brides ride 7ft-tall phallus through streets in ancient fertility ritual
  11. Advert put in Oxfam shop window is causing sexism row


  1. Jack Monroe wins Katie Hopkins libel tweet case
  2. Jack Monroe wins Twitter libel case against Katie Hopkins
  3. Katie Hopkins’ legal bills to top £300,000 after losing High Court battle to Jack Monroe
  4. Fundraising ‘for Katie Hopkins’ raises thousands for food banks
  5. Katie Hopkins’ libel defeat just got a bit sweeter with a spoof crowdfunding campaign


  1. I went to parliament to meet people fighting for their human rights. And what I saw shocked me
  2. Britain’s dark history of criminalising homeless people in public spaces
  3. Turkey v Holland: diplomatic crisis escalates
  4. Number of UK workers on zero-hours contracts at ‘record high’
  5. Lidl launch £3 Mother’s Day bouquets – but can you tell the cheap flowers from the more expensive ones?
  6. Scottish campaigners to give evidence to UN on concerns over disability rights
  7. Government sets up £1billion fund for controversial free schools – but rest are forced into cuts
  8. ‘First in Canada’ supermarket donation plan aids food banks & tackles waste
  9. Anti-fracking protesters take government to court
  10. Prison psychiatrists warn care is ‘at breaking point’
  11. Public faces mass invasion of privacy as big data and surveillance merge
  12. Energy companies ‘ripping off’ millions, ministers say
  13. A labour model fit for no-one
  14. ‘Don’t bag up dog poo in countryside’, animal owners urged
  15. Families could lose up to 16% of income after national insurance changes
  16. How free market helped big six energy firms to rack up huge profits
  17. World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945
  18. As small firms are hammered by a tax hike, guess what – the big boys including Starbucks, Gap and Apple are still getting away with murder
  19. Air pollution is devastating UK’s wild flowers, major report warns
  20. One in five disabled workers illegally denied workplace support
  21. Lynx shower gel bottles are being tagged for security in ‘tragic’ sign of local poverty

WEATHER: get out your bikinis & mankinis!hols4.gif

Britain to be as hot as Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid as temperatures soar


UK weather: Snow warning as temperatures set to plummet when Storm Stella batters Britain


This week in the News 10/3/17


  1. Budget 2017 summary: The Chancellor’s key announcements at a glance
  2. TORY CORRUPTION: Surrey council leader ‘had gentleman’s agreement’ with ministers
  3. #Smokinggun – email proves May lied re Surrey #sweetheartdeal
  4. Theresa May is warned to stop corporation tax cuts to save the NHS 
  5. FOREIGN AID FARCE: How £150m of NHS cash is being sent overseas despite health crisis  
  6. UK Armed police ‘given OK to shoot’ as police will no longer be automatically suspended if they open fire
  7. Budget’s Expected Impact on Welfare.
  8. As the chancellor prepares to slash the state he claims there’s no cash. Yet he’s preparing to give billions away to the rich
  9. Government wastes £££s on US Brexit consultants  
  10. Amber Rudd asked to reveal where secret £1bn conflict fund is spent
  11. Tory benefit changes will cost working single parents up to £2,850 a year by 2020, new research reveals
  12. No 10 ‘deeply worried’ by police investigations into 2015 election spending – report 
  13. MPs investing in cigarette companies, oil giants and ‘tax avoiders’ through their pension scheme  
  14. Millionaire Tory Philip Hammond’s £200 a month ‘tax dodge’ – See video as our man confronts him 
  15. Millionaire Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond refuses point-blank to publish his tax return
  16. Tory peer Lord Tebbit who condemned EU citizens’ right to stay employed immigrant workers in his own home 
  17. ‘Reckless’ Tory plans for a further £3.5bn in cuts will hit Britain’s poorest hardest


I dunno what Churches these Tory “Christians” attend? But they make Satanists look philanthropic.

Whoever has earthly possessions and notices a brother in need and yet withholds his compassion from him, how can the love of God be present in him? 1 John 3:18

  1. Vile Tory MP’s ‘callous’ reply to voter who discovered abandoned lorry full of starving child refugees  
  2. “CHRISTIAN” Tory councillor Fiona Robson asked how many NHS marchers were benefits scroungers and now she’s complaining about the answer
  3. Teenager invited to Parliament for Young Builder of the Year Awards nomination to be deported to Afghanistan
  4. Theresa May’s un-Christian approach to refugees is an embarrassment to her religion
  5. Double victory for un-Christian Theresa May: She deports a woman who is husband’s sole carer
  6. A Christian Tory councillor just lived to regret a tweet about the NHS march 
  1. Conservatives have created more debt than all Labour governments combined, Corbyn tells the world
  2. Corbyn castigates Tories over cuts to disability benefits
  3. Furious Jeremy Corbyn demands Tories withdraw ‘nasty’ disability benefit changes
  4. Jeremy Corbyn: NHS crisis ‘was made in Downing Street’
  5. Don’t give up, Jeremy Corbyn urges Labour
  6. Fuss over Jeremy Corbyn publishing his tax return is only to hide Philip Hammond keeping his secret 
  7. John McDonnell claims ‘whole media establishment’ is out to destroy Jeremy Corbyn
  1. What welfare changes did Philip Hammond make in his Budget 2017? HACK ALL!
  2. Chaotic benefit appeals need vast overhaul after failing the disabled and mentally ill, MPs hear
  3. Secret DWP Documents Prove They Silenced The Media From Running Stories They Didn’t Approve Of 
  4. What the UN says about the UK’s treatment of disabled people 
  5. Psychologist says the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal is more proof disability assessments aren’t fit for purpose
  6. Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions
  7. More people come forward in the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
  8. Scrap benefits sanctions or risk mental health crisis, doctors warn
  9. Demolition of UK welfare state planned with corporate America 
  10. Appeals against cruel disability assessments reach record high – as TWO THIRDS end in victory over Tory government
  11. DWP Admits Error After Man With No Legs Told He’s ‘Fit For Work’ As He Can ‘Climb Stairs With His Arms’ 
  12. PIP investigation: Claimant group tell MPs of ‘systemic malpractice’ by assessors
  13. Changes to limited capability for work payments in Universal Credit
  14. What are benefits sanctions and can you appeal against them? Your questions answered
  15. More Spiteful Rules for Claimants Trying to Get Help with Benefit Problems from MPs.
  16. New Rules Restricting MPs Helping UC Claimants Are ‘Barrier To Justice’
  17. Theresa May’s welfare cuts will drive another million children into poverty, Institute for Fiscal Studies forecasts
  18. Tory “regrets” saying £3.7bn benefits shake-up would help the “really disabled” as MPs mount fightback in Parliament
  19. Disabled people: marginalised, dehumanised & declared fit to work
  20. Disability benefits should only go to ‘the really disabled’, says Tory MP
  21. Benefit sanctions have ‘increased rates of mental health problems’, experts warn
  22. Mental health professionals slam ‘vicious’ Tory attack on disabled benefit claimants
  23. Curbs on MPs helping benefit claimants are a ‘barrier to justice’  
  24. Young woman who committed suicide was called ‘a f****** waste of space’ by mental health worker
  25. MPs told Disability benefits process are ‘inherently flawed’
  26. Welfare reform is killing people, but the Tory press don’t want you to know
  27. Bereavement benefit cut ‘to help people readjust to single-parent life’ 
  28. Rape exemption clause for tax credits ‘in chaos’, says MP Alison Thewliss 
  29. Universal credit hits families with children hardest, study finds 
  30. May adviser regrets saying benefits should only go to ‘really disabled’ people
  31. Raising pension age will mean many people die before getting it, say MPs


C6Kb6-nXQAE5SRf.jpgTory Fiona Robson certainly got her 15 mins of fame when she decided to vilify the disabled


  1. NO housing problems for these: Royal family income’s doubled & they’ll get £360m for Buckingham Palace refurbishment 
  2. Charities dismayed as housing benefit cut goes ahead
  3. Benefit freeze leaves families facing steep rent rise or eviction
  4. Fears homelessness could rise as Tories restrict housing benefit for young people
  5. Homelessness expected to rise further as Government scraps housing benefit for young people
  6. Tory plan to axe housing benefit for under-22s ‘could force thousands onto the streets’
  7. Rents are ‘out of step’ with incomes, housing body warns 
  8. Housing cost element of Universal Credit: withdrawing entitlement from 18-21 year olds
  9. Tories accused of cover up for refusing to publish report on impact of ‘nasty’ Housing Benefit cut
  10. £2 Million Housing Waste! This is how much it costs EVERY DAY to temporarily house families. It’s time to invest properly in council homes
  11. Scrapping housing benefit for 18- to 21-year-olds won’t even save us that much money – it’s ideological cruelty
  12. These shameful cuts to housing benefit will put young people on the streets
  13. Tories finally make legal changes to the Bedroom Tax after humiliating court defeat
 NHS & Health Matters nurse-2.gif
  1. Biggest ever demonstration to demand a cash injection to save our NHS 
  2. ‘Defend NHS with all your might’, Corbyn urges demonstrators 
  3. NHS March: Tens of thousands of activists march in central London to support health service
  4. Matching European healthcare funding ‘would pay for 35,000 more hospital beds’
  5. ‘I tried to get help for my suicidal daughter more than 100 times – but they called her a waste of space’
  6. More than 600 health quango chiefs on six figure salaries amid cash crisis
  7. Stop pretending we can’t afford the NHS: that’s the message of our march today
  8. Jeremy Corbyn to address thousands at ‘It’s Our NHS’ march
  9. Thousands gather in London for Our NHS rally to protest against cuts to services 
  1. Customers shocked to find they’d ‘used’ £33,000 worth of electricity in a day
  2. Policeman saves dog with kiss of life after ball lodged in its throat
  3. Incredible moment 99-year-old runner chases down 92-year-old competitor in last few metres of sprint race
  4. School punished children for hiccuping and wearing a coat inside
  5. ISIS jihadis BLOW THEMSELVES UP after trying to plant bomb in defector’s house
  6. Wanted man tried to hand himself in to police but gave up waiting after 45 minutes
  7. Smitten seal can’t hide its smiles as it cuddles and plays with lookalike soft toy
  8. Human tower member crushed to death and two injured in freak fiesta accident
  9. Mum tries to sell USED breast implants on eBay after going up a cup size


  1. Parents ‘shut out of the workplace’ by ‘crippling’ childcare costs
  2. Tory Britain: Child poverty to reach 5.1 MILLION by 2022
  3. Tories neglect the young and disabled at their peril
  4. RBS awards nearly £16m of bonuses in shares to nine top executives
  5. People with a learning disability are treated as second-class citizens – it has to stop now
  6. Huge rise in hate crime across London, new figures reveal
  7. Strong link between disadvantage and suicide, says Samaritans
  8. End humiliating restraint of mentally ill people, say charities
  9. Children in UK’s poorest areas 10 times more likely to go into care
  10. Employers tricking workers out of sick pay, says Citizens Advice

That’s all folks…bye