This week in the News 10/3/17


  1. Budget 2017 summary: The Chancellor’s key announcements at a glance
  2. TORY CORRUPTION: Surrey council leader ‘had gentleman’s agreement’ with ministers
  3. #Smokinggun – email proves May lied re Surrey #sweetheartdeal
  4. Theresa May is warned to stop corporation tax cuts to save the NHS 
  5. FOREIGN AID FARCE: How £150m of NHS cash is being sent overseas despite health crisis  
  6. UK Armed police ‘given OK to shoot’ as police will no longer be automatically suspended if they open fire
  7. Budget’s Expected Impact on Welfare.
  8. As the chancellor prepares to slash the state he claims there’s no cash. Yet he’s preparing to give billions away to the rich
  9. Government wastes £££s on US Brexit consultants  
  10. Amber Rudd asked to reveal where secret £1bn conflict fund is spent
  11. Tory benefit changes will cost working single parents up to £2,850 a year by 2020, new research reveals
  12. No 10 ‘deeply worried’ by police investigations into 2015 election spending – report 
  13. MPs investing in cigarette companies, oil giants and ‘tax avoiders’ through their pension scheme  
  14. Millionaire Tory Philip Hammond’s £200 a month ‘tax dodge’ – See video as our man confronts him 
  15. Millionaire Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond refuses point-blank to publish his tax return
  16. Tory peer Lord Tebbit who condemned EU citizens’ right to stay employed immigrant workers in his own home 
  17. ‘Reckless’ Tory plans for a further £3.5bn in cuts will hit Britain’s poorest hardest


I dunno what Churches these Tory “Christians” attend? But they make Satanists look philanthropic.

Whoever has earthly possessions and notices a brother in need and yet withholds his compassion from him, how can the love of God be present in him? 1 John 3:18

  1. Vile Tory MP’s ‘callous’ reply to voter who discovered abandoned lorry full of starving child refugees  
  2. “CHRISTIAN” Tory councillor Fiona Robson asked how many NHS marchers were benefits scroungers and now she’s complaining about the answer
  3. Teenager invited to Parliament for Young Builder of the Year Awards nomination to be deported to Afghanistan
  4. Theresa May’s un-Christian approach to refugees is an embarrassment to her religion
  5. Double victory for un-Christian Theresa May: She deports a woman who is husband’s sole carer
  6. A Christian Tory councillor just lived to regret a tweet about the NHS march 
  1. Conservatives have created more debt than all Labour governments combined, Corbyn tells the world
  2. Corbyn castigates Tories over cuts to disability benefits
  3. Furious Jeremy Corbyn demands Tories withdraw ‘nasty’ disability benefit changes
  4. Jeremy Corbyn: NHS crisis ‘was made in Downing Street’
  5. Don’t give up, Jeremy Corbyn urges Labour
  6. Fuss over Jeremy Corbyn publishing his tax return is only to hide Philip Hammond keeping his secret 
  7. John McDonnell claims ‘whole media establishment’ is out to destroy Jeremy Corbyn
  1. What welfare changes did Philip Hammond make in his Budget 2017? HACK ALL!
  2. Chaotic benefit appeals need vast overhaul after failing the disabled and mentally ill, MPs hear
  3. Secret DWP Documents Prove They Silenced The Media From Running Stories They Didn’t Approve Of 
  4. What the UN says about the UK’s treatment of disabled people 
  5. Psychologist says the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal is more proof disability assessments aren’t fit for purpose
  6. Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions
  7. More people come forward in the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
  8. Scrap benefits sanctions or risk mental health crisis, doctors warn
  9. Demolition of UK welfare state planned with corporate America 
  10. Appeals against cruel disability assessments reach record high – as TWO THIRDS end in victory over Tory government
  11. DWP Admits Error After Man With No Legs Told He’s ‘Fit For Work’ As He Can ‘Climb Stairs With His Arms’ 
  12. PIP investigation: Claimant group tell MPs of ‘systemic malpractice’ by assessors
  13. Changes to limited capability for work payments in Universal Credit
  14. What are benefits sanctions and can you appeal against them? Your questions answered
  15. More Spiteful Rules for Claimants Trying to Get Help with Benefit Problems from MPs.
  16. New Rules Restricting MPs Helping UC Claimants Are ‘Barrier To Justice’
  17. Theresa May’s welfare cuts will drive another million children into poverty, Institute for Fiscal Studies forecasts
  18. Tory “regrets” saying £3.7bn benefits shake-up would help the “really disabled” as MPs mount fightback in Parliament
  19. Disabled people: marginalised, dehumanised & declared fit to work
  20. Disability benefits should only go to ‘the really disabled’, says Tory MP
  21. Benefit sanctions have ‘increased rates of mental health problems’, experts warn
  22. Mental health professionals slam ‘vicious’ Tory attack on disabled benefit claimants
  23. Curbs on MPs helping benefit claimants are a ‘barrier to justice’  
  24. Young woman who committed suicide was called ‘a f****** waste of space’ by mental health worker
  25. MPs told Disability benefits process are ‘inherently flawed’
  26. Welfare reform is killing people, but the Tory press don’t want you to know
  27. Bereavement benefit cut ‘to help people readjust to single-parent life’ 
  28. Rape exemption clause for tax credits ‘in chaos’, says MP Alison Thewliss 
  29. Universal credit hits families with children hardest, study finds 
  30. May adviser regrets saying benefits should only go to ‘really disabled’ people
  31. Raising pension age will mean many people die before getting it, say MPs


C6Kb6-nXQAE5SRf.jpgTory Fiona Robson certainly got her 15 mins of fame when she decided to vilify the disabled


  1. NO housing problems for these: Royal family income’s doubled & they’ll get £360m for Buckingham Palace refurbishment 
  2. Charities dismayed as housing benefit cut goes ahead
  3. Benefit freeze leaves families facing steep rent rise or eviction
  4. Fears homelessness could rise as Tories restrict housing benefit for young people
  5. Homelessness expected to rise further as Government scraps housing benefit for young people
  6. Tory plan to axe housing benefit for under-22s ‘could force thousands onto the streets’
  7. Rents are ‘out of step’ with incomes, housing body warns 
  8. Housing cost element of Universal Credit: withdrawing entitlement from 18-21 year olds
  9. Tories accused of cover up for refusing to publish report on impact of ‘nasty’ Housing Benefit cut
  10. £2 Million Housing Waste! This is how much it costs EVERY DAY to temporarily house families. It’s time to invest properly in council homes
  11. Scrapping housing benefit for 18- to 21-year-olds won’t even save us that much money – it’s ideological cruelty
  12. These shameful cuts to housing benefit will put young people on the streets
  13. Tories finally make legal changes to the Bedroom Tax after humiliating court defeat
 NHS & Health Matters nurse-2.gif
  1. Biggest ever demonstration to demand a cash injection to save our NHS 
  2. ‘Defend NHS with all your might’, Corbyn urges demonstrators 
  3. NHS March: Tens of thousands of activists march in central London to support health service
  4. Matching European healthcare funding ‘would pay for 35,000 more hospital beds’
  5. ‘I tried to get help for my suicidal daughter more than 100 times – but they called her a waste of space’
  6. More than 600 health quango chiefs on six figure salaries amid cash crisis
  7. Stop pretending we can’t afford the NHS: that’s the message of our march today
  8. Jeremy Corbyn to address thousands at ‘It’s Our NHS’ march
  9. Thousands gather in London for Our NHS rally to protest against cuts to services 
  1. Customers shocked to find they’d ‘used’ £33,000 worth of electricity in a day
  2. Policeman saves dog with kiss of life after ball lodged in its throat
  3. Incredible moment 99-year-old runner chases down 92-year-old competitor in last few metres of sprint race
  4. School punished children for hiccuping and wearing a coat inside
  5. ISIS jihadis BLOW THEMSELVES UP after trying to plant bomb in defector’s house
  6. Wanted man tried to hand himself in to police but gave up waiting after 45 minutes
  7. Smitten seal can’t hide its smiles as it cuddles and plays with lookalike soft toy
  8. Human tower member crushed to death and two injured in freak fiesta accident
  9. Mum tries to sell USED breast implants on eBay after going up a cup size


  1. Parents ‘shut out of the workplace’ by ‘crippling’ childcare costs
  2. Tory Britain: Child poverty to reach 5.1 MILLION by 2022
  3. Tories neglect the young and disabled at their peril
  4. RBS awards nearly £16m of bonuses in shares to nine top executives
  5. People with a learning disability are treated as second-class citizens – it has to stop now
  6. Huge rise in hate crime across London, new figures reveal
  7. Strong link between disadvantage and suicide, says Samaritans
  8. End humiliating restraint of mentally ill people, say charities
  9. Children in UK’s poorest areas 10 times more likely to go into care
  10. Employers tricking workers out of sick pay, says Citizens Advice

That’s all folks…bye




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