This week in the News 17/3/17



  1. TORY CORRUPTION whistleblowers accuse Tories of ‘huge betrayal’ of electorate over expenses
  2. TORY CORRUPTION Conservatives fined £70,000 for campaign spending failures
  3. TORY CORRUPTION They slash education spending while giving corporates and millionaires £70bn tax breaks
  4. TORY CORRUPTION The Tories’ £70bn tax giveaways to the super-rich and big business
  5. TORY CORRUPTION The Tory mafia of Surrey have their own protection racket, and it’s effective
  6. TORY CORRUPTION What do banks and financiers get in return for paying George Osborne £50,000 for one hour of work?
  7. TORY CORRUPTION 5 Tory scandals HAPPENING NOW that will bring them down
  8. TORY CORRUPTION ‘battlebus’ spending lies during election: Two activists claim they cheated over campaign spending & are now involved in a cover-up 
  9. TORY CORRUPTION It’s official: Women are suffering 86 per cent of the austerity burden. How much austerity have company bosses suffered?
  10. TORY CORRUPTION Philip Hammond gave us a budget for tax avoiders and giant firms
  11. TORY CORRUPTION Tory MPS fought cuts to their own council – after backing them for the rest of the country
  12. TORY CORRUPTION Surrey council received boost in budget after ‘sweetheart deal’
  13. MORE CORRUPTION Former Lord Speaker admits dropping inquiry into peers’ allowance claims
  14. MORE TORY ECONOMIC PERSECUTION: Girls are missing school because they can’t afford sanitary products!!!
  15. ANOTHER TORY U TURN Philip Hammond SCRAPS £2bn National Insurance tax hike 
  16. Where were disabled people in the Budget?
  17. Liam Fox backs campaign for new Britannia
  18. Tory architect of austerity George Osborne banks £1m fortune
  19. David Cameron’s ‘big society’ flagship cannot justify costs, say MPs
  20. Theresa May scrambles to avoid a major Tory rebellion over National Insurance tax hikes
  21. The Tory economy is built on sand
  22. Sovereignty? This government will sell us to the highest bidder
  23. Keeping it in the family Quarter of Westminster’s 650 MPs are now employing relatives costing taxpayer nearly £5million  
  24. Cutting tax, clawing back disability benefits: Hammond’s plan is familiar
  25. Britain has now experienced a “decade without growth”
  26. Fresh insights into Thatcher’s war on unions
  27. Leaked Treasury report warns of painful ‘economic shock’ if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal
  28. Home Office ‘turned down offer to foster 100 refugee children a week’
  29. Millions of EU citizens thrown back into uncertainty as MPs REJECT guarantee they can stay after Brexit

 LABOUR & other parties

  1. Labour MPs demand Corbyn backs fight to stay in single market
  2. Jeremy Corbyn in ‘fake news’ row
  3. Tony Blair will not face investigation into whether he misled Parliament over the Iraq War 
  4. Nicola Sturgeon to trigger second Scottish independence referendum
  5. Jeremy Corbyn says a maximum wage is still being considered by Labour
  6. Mhairi Black is right – Westminster politics is defunct
  7. Jeremy Corbyn puts Labour spending plans under spotlight
  8. Watch Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs to see how the Tories get away with being incompetent
  9. PMQs review: Jeremy Corbyn lets Theresa May off the hook
  10. Theresa May sowing seeds of her own downfall says Clegg
  11. Jeremy Corbyn slammed over failure to quiz Theresa May over tax hike U-turn
  12. The real drivers of inequality have come from political choices

The UN and the UT have condemned Britain’s treatment of its disabled, yet it is of little concern to the Tories

  1. March 30th National Day of Action Against Sanctions – organised by UNITE
  2. Tory welfare chief says disability benefit appeals are ‘extremely low’ – on day they hit record high
  3. DWP ‘tells disability benefits assessors to discriminate against people with mental health conditions’
  4. Keeping the Government’s Toes to the Fire – More reporting to the UN Disability Committee
  5. American ‘disability denial factories’ flourishing in the UK
  6. Over 30 charities call on the DWP to rethink ‘damaging’ disability benefit changes
  7. Theresa May claims no one will lose cash in disability benefit changes – but that’s contradicted by Government’s own watchdog


  1. The DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal is out in the open as assessors admit extreme questioning
  2. DWP’s fit-to-work tests ‘cause permanent damage to mental health’
  3. This government blunder has gone under the radar but it could explain the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
  4. DWP confirm existing ESA claimants will not be affected by £30 a week cut – sort of
  5. Parliamentary debate won’t solve the scandal of PIP cuts – it can only be resolved in the courts
  6. Tory ministers refuse watchdog’s call to delay part of their ‘nasty’ disability benefit changes
  7. Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show
  8. Oxymorons: The workfare exploiters who claim to be anti-workfare exposed
  9. How Damian Green DWP Minister knowingly misled Parliament over PIP
  10. People with mental health conditions denied equal access to the benefits system
  11. Budget 2017: Failure to tackle pensions inequality a ‘dereliction of duty’
  12. Benefits turned down? THEN KEEP APPEALING!
  13. Mental health discrimination ‘built into’ Work Capability Assessment
  14. Welfare Cuts as Universal Credit Founders.
  15. DWP ‘tells disability benefits assessors to discriminate against people with mental health conditions’
  16. How widowed parents are being hit again by Tory cuts to bereavement benefits
  17. Activists bring ‘no more benefit deaths’ message to Westminster
  18. Disabled peer says Mordaunt was ‘spinning like crazy’ over PIP cuts
  19. Maximus ‘admits’ using brutal and dangerous suicide questions

COMMENT OF THE WEEK The Bishop of Liverpool


“A measure of a true and just society is our attitude to the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society.
This report provides a statistical analysis of that measure and it makes hard reading.”


  1. TORY CRUELTY! Bedroom tax couple back in court as DWP try to block future appeals
  2. Universal Credit – A Shock For Lord Freud
  3. Trapped: the growing number of disabled people unable to leave their homes
  4. Rents fall for first time in six years
  5. Tories confirms pensioner back door bedroom tax of £1500+ per year
  6. Warning as rent arrears soar after Universal Credit pilot is rolled out in Scotland
  7. Universal Credit claimants forced to rely on food banks as rent arrears treble

NHS & Health Matters nurse-2.gif

  1. NHS ‘ heading for staff shortage because of Brexit as almost half European staff leave within five years’
  2. Patients left in agony as NHS hip operations axed after savage Tory cuts 
  3. Rationing of NHS services ‘leaving patients in pain and distress’, says new report


  1. Boaty McBoatface sent on first Antarctic mission
  2. ‘pickpocket queen’ jailed for 153rd offence
  3. Man complains prostitutes keeping knocking on his window
  4. New five pound note sells for £60,100 on eBay
  5. Killer posts sick selfie & boasts how he used his feet to brutally kick 13-year-old to death
  6. Girls ‘too poor’ to buy sanitary protection missing school
  7. This is how poisonous green crisps are – and why you still find them in your packet
  8. Hogging parking spaces is either genius or completely unacceptable
  9. Katie Price brands Frankie Boyle a “disgusting human being”
  10. Japan’s young brides ride 7ft-tall phallus through streets in ancient fertility ritual
  11. Advert put in Oxfam shop window is causing sexism row


  1. Jack Monroe wins Katie Hopkins libel tweet case
  2. Jack Monroe wins Twitter libel case against Katie Hopkins
  3. Katie Hopkins’ legal bills to top £300,000 after losing High Court battle to Jack Monroe
  4. Fundraising ‘for Katie Hopkins’ raises thousands for food banks
  5. Katie Hopkins’ libel defeat just got a bit sweeter with a spoof crowdfunding campaign


  1. I went to parliament to meet people fighting for their human rights. And what I saw shocked me
  2. Britain’s dark history of criminalising homeless people in public spaces
  3. Turkey v Holland: diplomatic crisis escalates
  4. Number of UK workers on zero-hours contracts at ‘record high’
  5. Lidl launch £3 Mother’s Day bouquets – but can you tell the cheap flowers from the more expensive ones?
  6. Scottish campaigners to give evidence to UN on concerns over disability rights
  7. Government sets up £1billion fund for controversial free schools – but rest are forced into cuts
  8. ‘First in Canada’ supermarket donation plan aids food banks & tackles waste
  9. Anti-fracking protesters take government to court
  10. Prison psychiatrists warn care is ‘at breaking point’
  11. Public faces mass invasion of privacy as big data and surveillance merge
  12. Energy companies ‘ripping off’ millions, ministers say
  13. A labour model fit for no-one
  14. ‘Don’t bag up dog poo in countryside’, animal owners urged
  15. Families could lose up to 16% of income after national insurance changes
  16. How free market helped big six energy firms to rack up huge profits
  17. World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945
  18. As small firms are hammered by a tax hike, guess what – the big boys including Starbucks, Gap and Apple are still getting away with murder
  19. Air pollution is devastating UK’s wild flowers, major report warns
  20. One in five disabled workers illegally denied workplace support
  21. Lynx shower gel bottles are being tagged for security in ‘tragic’ sign of local poverty

WEATHER: get out your bikinis & mankinis!hols4.gif

Britain to be as hot as Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid as temperatures soar


UK weather: Snow warning as temperatures set to plummet when Storm Stella batters Britain



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