This week in the News 24/3/17


  1. Theresa May saying she’d love the superpower ‘to end hunger’ in Vogue is an insult to people starving because of Tory policies 
  2. The inside story of the Tory election scandal
  3. Two Tory MPs reveal CPS is reviewing their election spending
  4. George Osborne to become editor of London Evening Standard!
  5. Police probe Tory minister George Eustice over his expenses
  6. Standard editor Osborne ‘a mockery of free press’
  7. As predicted: ALL indicators show inflation is up and we’re heading for a crisis
  8. 10 humiliating Tory cock ups from just the last week alone
  9. Pressure mounts to oust Osborne from Parliament after appointment as ES editor
  10. After last week, the government may think things can’t get worse. It couldn’t be more wrong
  11. Tories want to waste your money on taxis for grammar school pupils when it could be helping disabled children
  12. Osborne may have broken rules over new role as 135,000 sign petition urging ‘CHOOSE A JOB’
  13. Sex-mad MPs, lords and their staff are using public computers to look up sex and dating sites
  14. Osborne, an ‘editor of substance’. What substance, crystal meth?
  15. David Cameron DEFENDS Tory election spending despite record £70,000 fine 
  16. MPs seek to cut £3.5bn bill for Houses of Parliament repairs
  17. Theresa May vows to tackle spiraling energy prices – yeah right! 


  1. Parliament attack: police hunt for clues after five killed ‘sick and depraved’ incident
  2. London attack: Woman dies in Westminster ‘terror’ incident
  3. Kindness and compassion amongst the carnage: How strangers helped victims of Westminster terror attack
  4. “In the darkest of days, heroes appear”: Nurses and doctors ran from nearby hospital to help save lives in London terror attack
  5. ‘Solidarity and support’: world leaders send wishes after attack in Westminster
  6. #WeAreNotAfraid: Londoners send out message after terror attack
  7. London Terrorist is named by police
  8. Westminster attack medics: ‘It was a day London has trained for’


  1. Blair slips net again as MPs rule out full investigation
  2. NUCLEAR BLAST: Labour MP IGNORES Corbyn & claims Trident is ‘VITAL’ for UK security
  3. SNP: ‘It’s a SLUM!’ Fed up residents SHAME Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘ghetto’ constituency 
  4. Blairite MP’s shameful secret email undermines democracy by urging RIGHT-wing takeover of Labour Party
  5. Corbyn accuses May of breaking pledge over grammar funds
  6. Labour pledges to ‘kick privateers out of welfare system’
  7. Why don’t you just GO?’ Corbyn HUMILIATED as senior Labour MP ‘tells leader to QUIT’ 
  8. Labour could take two years to recover credibility with voters
  9. John McDonnell admits it could take two more years to rebuild Labour’s credibility
  10. WAR CRIMINAL Tony Blair launches pushback against ‘frightening populism’



  1. Twisted Damian Green thinks it’s ‘exciting’ that future jobs may not have stable hours, holiday pay, sick pay or pensions
  2. In Liverpool, Tory cuts have brought a city and its people to breaking point 
  3. DWP in denial about Universal Credit hardship, says Work and Pensions Committee
  4. Benefits cap proposal puts spotlight on protection
  5. Ministers forced into sickness benefit u-turn over ‘sanction fodder’ measure
  6. ‘I was crying and in pain’—the truth behind the Tory benefit cuts
  7. We can’t go on pretending that poverty is solved by getting a job
  8. PIP Points Scores- As Of 16th March 2017
  9. Jobcentre closures will harm society’s most vulnerable
  10. ‘You’re better off in jail’
  11. PIP investigation: MPs expand search for evidence, but again sidestep dishonesty claims
  12. State pension age should be increased to 68 by 2039, review says
  13. Minister in plea for universal credit roll-out to be halted
  14. Benefit sanctions don’t work, and Westminster knows it
  15. A “Gandhi-like Revolt” – against the DWP
  16. Calls for debate into ‘rape clause’ denied
  17. Call to halt ‘shambolic’ Universal Credit roll-out
  18. Disability benefits process is ‘inherently flawed’, MPs told – so what?
  19. The truth about the roll out of Universal Credit
  20. Bribe older workers to retire later with cash lump sums
  21. Lords to carry fight against disability benefit changes condemned by Government’s own experts
  22. APPG presents ‘Ahead of the arc’ report to Damian Green
  23. Gig economy’ workers demand basic employment and benefit rights
  24. Child poverty in Britain reaches highest level since 2010
  25. Tory ministers refuse watchdog’s call to delay part of their ‘nasty’ disability benefit changes
  26. Suicide risk for UK carers three times national average
  27. 100,000 more children living in poverty, as charities slam Tory welfare cuts
  28. American ‘disability denial factories’ flourishing in the UK
  29. Tax credit ‘rape clause’ becomes law without parliamentary vote
  30. It’s funny that there are so many successful appeals against disability assessments – it’s as if there is something wrong with the system
  31. Universal Credit Brings Hardship – Work and Pensions Committee.
  32. Universal credit claimants ‘turning to loan sharks because of payment delays’
HOUSING house-1.gif
  1. The government will want to brush this young woman’s death under the carpet, and that’s not OK
  2. England’s homeless crisis to hit breaking point without radical rethinking of housing policies
  3. ‘Benefit cuts fuelling rising homelessness’
  4. Homelessness and housing problems reach crisis point in all EU countries
  5. Shelter and C4 Dispatches just don’t get the benefit cap
  6. The truth about the roll out of Universal Credit
  7. Housing Benefit – 94% not on the dole and other facts
NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif
  1. Money earmarked for mental health diverted to balance NHS books
  2. NHS plan for 7,500 GP practices to become 1,500 ‘superhubs’ revealed
  3. Security breach fears over 26 million NHS patients
  4. NHS patients ‘are put at risk’ in dirty and unhygienic private ambulances
  5. NHS facing ‘mission impossible next year’
  6. More NHS trusts are in financial special measures – all part of the Tory privatisation plan
  7. Government spent £17.6m on consultants hired to draw up NHS cutbacks
  8. Patients missing waiting time targets for NHS operations to ‘double next year’ 
  9. Revealed: The sickening waste of the NHS’s £100million empty properties which costs the taxpayer £10mill
  10. Are long delays with NHS wheelchairs another prelude to privatisation?
  11. Privateers Pocket £18M for Plotting NHS Closure
  12. Government accused of ‘kicking NHS when it’s down’ with high interest loans 
  13. Suicide prevention services stalling due to lack of funding
  14. Plan to save NHS £1billion and free up beds by moving patients from hospitals 
  15. Social care companies ‘profiteering’ on the backs of the most vulnerable




  1. Boss of British Gas owner gets 40% pay rise as millions live in fuel poverty
  2. Dead woman sent higher council tax bill letter ‘due to her passing away’
  3. BBC host criticised for letting paedophile call into radio show
  4. Prime Minister Theresa May poses for Vogue 
  5. Pilot explains every scary noise you hear on a plane to prove they’re absolutely nothing to worry about
  6. Three classic Monopoly pieces have been replaced in major board game shake-up
  7. The tiny London flat where the bed is inches from the TOILET – and it costs £520 a month
  8. Mob wrap suspected paedophile to road sign with cling film after luring him with fictitious 14-year-old
  9. Sparrow poo and bull penis: Europe’s best hangover cures
  10. ‘World’s biggest’ chicken is so gigantic some terrified viewers claim it must be a man in a costume
  11. “I thought it was a bird” ‘crackhead’ feels up cement mixer because he thinks it’s a woman
  12. Anger after nail salon charges ‘overweight’ people more for same treatment


OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. Record-breaking climate change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’
  2. Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow slams the BBC for letting the government get away with murder
  3. Theresa May told her school cuts are forcing teachers to buy ‘pens, pencils and paper’ out of their own pockets
  4. Katie Hopkins Spoof Fundraiser Actually Raises Money For Foodbank Charity The Trussell Trust
  5. Councils need ‘full flexibility’ on how they spend £2bn social care funding
  6. Bodyform To Donate 200,000 Free Sanitary Products To Ease Burden Of Period Poverty
  7. Coppers ‘persistently’ breach data protection laws with police tech
  8. Rising food and fuel prices hoist UK inflation rate to 2.3%
  9. UN asks UK to suspend work on Hinkley Point
  10. A lawyer’s take-down of Laura Kuenssberg’s bias is going viral
  11. Petition launched to provide free sanitary products in UK schools
  12. SSE the latest ‘big six’ firm to put its prices up
  13. Private companies could pull out of probation – why were they ever invited IN?
  14. British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money
  15. Child poverty in Britain reaches highest level since 2010
  16. London anti-racism march attracts huge numbers of protesters
  17. Care cuts may have fuelled largest rise in death rates for 50 years 
  18. New bombshell for self-employed: pay 400% more NICs or lose state pension 
  19. Trump stands by claim that British intelligence spied on him
  20. Underfunding hits free childcare plan



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