This week in the News 31/03/17


  1. Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson go to pieces when asked about Tory election fraud live on air
  2. MPs who fail to declare outside interests should be treated like criminals
  3. TORY CORRUPTION Philip Hammond’s company received business rates cut in Budget, figures show
  4. TORY LIES tory MPs laugh as they are asked about Vote Leave’s promise to spend extra £350m on NHS 
  5. Brexit: Theresa May’s Article 50 launch trashed after top EU politicians reject key demands
  6. PIG BOY SAID: I was right to hold Brexit referendum
  7. Article 50: Theresa May to call on UK to unite after letter triggers Brexit
  8. May heads for Sturgeon SHOWDOWN
  9. Article 50 officially triggered: Here’s the moment Theresa May’s letter was delivered to Donald Tusk
  10. Tory minister forced to apologise 3 times in 15 minutes over treatment of disabled people
  11. The Tories aren’t gambling with their own livelihoods, they’re gambling with yours
  12. Is Amber Amber Rudd happy for police to see what SHE’s saying on WhatsApp?
  13. Theresa May’s personality could jeopardise a good Brexit deal
  14. Theresa May faces ‘legislative swamp’ after she triggers Article 50
  15. Theresa May needs to inform the DWP about her position on mental health
  16. The lies of the right that debase civilised society
  17. Theresa May is wrecking this country. Can someone stop her before it’s too late?
  18. How the Tories have tried to thwart my campaign against the rape clause
  19. Brexit: Rise of the gig economy in the UK fuelled decision to leave EU
  20. Tory MPs storm out of meeting to protest ‘gloomy’ report on Brexit
  21. Tory social club to pay out £35,000 after sexists branded female members a “witch” and a “cow”
Old Mutton dressed as Lamb!


  1. Labour MP has declared war on McDonald’s over the treatment of its staff
  2. The end of UKIP as an electoral force? Carswell quits to become independent MP
  3. Labour has won a major electoral victory – so the mainstream media are ignoring it
  4. Jeremy Corbyn says UK should not be afraid of debt to fund investment
  5. Would-be union boss warns the Labour Party ‘faces militant-led coup’
  6. Labour to oppose ‘Henry VIII powers’ being used to rewrite EU laws
  7. Labour Peers order Theresa May to think again over cruel disability benefit cuts
  8. ‘Don’t let the mean streets of my past be our future’
  9. Jeremy Corbyn warns Theresa May wants a ‘low wage tax haven’ Britain as she triggers Article 50
  10. ‘GROW UP!’ Paul Nuttall launches SCATHING attack on Carswell for defecting from UKIP

Tories showcase their ‘stronger, fairer, better Britain’ by declaring war on the disabled


  1. Disability benefits shake-up hitting 165,000 people to take force as MPs run out of time to block it
  2. Rape Crisis centre refuses to help DWP enforce its tax credit rape clause
  3. Rio Ferdinand blasts DWP for cuts to benefits for grieving parents
  4. Maybe Theresa May needs to inform the DWP about her position on mental health
  5. State pension age must rise again, says report
  6. The truth about benefits sanctions
  7. Soaring appeal rates are “clearly eroding trust” in the Tories’ cruel PIP tests
  8. Poorest UK families struggle to put food on the table
  9. DWP expose DWP their lies over HB – £2.5bn pa MORE in real terms
  10. Imminent UK cuts to mothers’ DWP tax credits are an assault on women’s human rights
  11. More creative statistical accounting from DWP
  12. A World without Retirement
  13. Painting disabled people as ‘workshy’: that’s what benefits cuts are all about
  14. DWP PIP Defeat Could Mean Awards For Thousands, Shock PIP Review Statistics, Are ESA Reviews Being Put Off For Two More Years?
  15. Tories may cause ‘irreparable damage’ to homeless services
  16. Thousands Of PIP Claimants With Epilepsy Have Income Slashed On Transfer From DLA
  17. Youth Obligation Benefits Scheme (YOBS)
  18. Safety and supervison ruling could mean PIP for many more claimants
  19. My learning disability doesn’t mean I should be paid less. I’m furious
  20. 9 days, over 14 phone calls, and a lot of Vivaldi later
  21. Nearly half of young mums skip meals as they struggle to feed their children, survey reveals
  22. Disability benefits: MPs granted emergency debate in final attempt to halt controversial curbs
  23. Universal Credit can’t work, never could and never will. It has to be abandoned!
  24. Call to halt ‘shambolic’ Universal Credit roll-out
  25. Nearly half of PIP reviews saw award cut, according to unpublished DWP figures
  26. ‘Benefit cuts fuelling rising homelessness’, charity warns


Suicide is an option for poor children

Words fail me!

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Tory housing benefit cuts ‘put young people at risk of homelessness’
  2. Bill and Ben the power flop men explain the LHA maxima
  3. Buying a home is impossible for millions without rich parents say government’s own advisors
  4. Bedroom Tax is a £23.1 billion IDS failure
  5. Tories may cause ‘irreparable damage’ to homeless services, charity warns
  6. ‘Dog kennel’ flats in Barnet will be 40% smaller than Travelodge room
  7. Ministers to reverse universal credit policy for homeless families
  8. Labour council accused of ‘criminalising homelessness’
  9. Council tax bills to rise in nine out of 10 English local authorities
  10. Death and dismay as sleeping rough is back again
  11. Homelessness and housing problems reach crisis point in all EU countries

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. Half of £2bn boost for NHS ‘spent outside health service’ 
  2. Patient trolleys and toilets ‘heavily contaminated with blood and faeces’ at new Glasgow hospital
  3. Tories privately admit 900 pharmacies could close – despite telling the public they wouldn’t
  4. Jeremy Hunt ‘asked FGM survivor if she could still have orgasms’
  5. Patients will pay for their own painkillers and cough medicine in NHS cost-cutting crackdown
  6. NHS’s leeches suck away at £1bn bonanza
  7. Health unions and MPs condemn ‘derisory’ 1% pay rise for NHS staff 
  8. Brexit causes nursing crisis as number joining NHS from Europe plunges 75%

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Dad caught stealing bag full of knickers from Debenhams – by his own daughter
  2. Adele admits her son Angelo, 4, SWEARS as bad as she does
  3. Minister admits G4S electronic tags may have wrongly sent people to prison
  4. Cop had to fight for job after paying £2 for homeless man’s stolen biscuits
  5. Supermarkets must stop offering huge discounts to tackle obesity
  6. Coca-Cola ‘waging secret war’ against new sugar tax
  7. US Airline bans female passengers from flight because they wore leggings

OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. MP hid seven strangers in Parliamentary office during Westminster attack 
  2. IT’S BRITISH SUMMERTIME! Find out what your clock should say now they have gone forward
  3. KARMA: Katie Hopkins loses appeal, ordered to pay Jack Monroe £107,000 in legal fees
  4. UK energy firms including big six miss smart meter deadline
  5. £1,200 cost for unfair dismissal claims is challenged in UK’s highest court
  6. Muslim women gather on Westminster Bridge in honour of victims killed in terror attack
  7. Thousands of police officers and young Muslims form human chain on Westminster Bridge in vigil 
  8. Major changes that will make you richer – or poorer from 1 April
  9. Human rights at risk via Brexit exit
  10. ‘Great repeal bill’ will create sweeping powers to change laws for Brexit
  11. Rise in female prisoner suicides linked to poor mental health support
  12. Tesco and Serious Fraud Office near to deal over accounting scandal
  13. Tax breaks for the ultra-rich & austerity measures for everyone else has left Britain on the brink
  14. ‘He’s just stuck here’ – war veteran a ‘prisoner in his own home’ after amputation
  15. FACEBOOK & GOOGLE ORDERED crackdown on radicalisation after London terror attack
  16. Google’s bad week: YouTube loses millions as advertising row reaches US
  17. Parts of UK that voted for Brexit may be hardest hit
  18. With so much dirty money around, it’s time to make UK banks clean up their act
  19. Pensioner killed in London terror attack was Winston Churchill’s window cleaner
  20. Autistic gym member called ‘stupid’ by staff teaches himself law and successfully sues Virgin
  21. Urgent review of security gates of Parliament needed after Westminster attack
  22. Thousands take to streets in anti-Brexit London march
  23. Prince William’s air ambulance helicopter ‘half a SECOND from deadly mid-air collision with drone at 1,900ft’
  24. ‘Someone is protecting Madeleine McCann’s kidnappers’ claims cop
  25. Female descendants of the White Slaves of England still fighting the devastating effects of low pay and 80-hour weeks
  26. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Cheryl gives birth to baby boy 
  27. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Prince Harry to move in with Meghan Markle 
  28. Councils need ‘full flexibility’ on how they spend £2bn social care funding

WEATHER: hols4-1.gif

  1. Climate change is altering global air currents – increasing droughts, heatwaves and floods 
  2. UK weather: Temperatures soar as Britain basks in hot air from Iberia – but it won’t last long

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