This week in the News 7/4/17

  1. Brexit: Theresa May’s Article 50 launch trashed after top EU politicians reject key demands
  2. 9 things Theresa May was less outraged about than Easter Eggs
  3. Osborne’s huge tax giveaway starts for rich – as the poor are hit 
  4. Theresa May ‘would go to war’ to defend the sovereignty of Gibraltar
  5. Brexit: Theresa May accused of sweeping ‘power grab’ with plan to rewrite new laws without MPs approval
  6. BBC ‘bias’ in Brexit coverage defended by Nick Robinson
  7. Theresa May defends cut in payments for bereaved families
  8. War threats over Gibraltar are rightwing imperial fantasies
  9. Tory Austerity & Child Poverty – Does anybody care?
  10. ‘Dark money’ is threat to integrity of UK elections
  11. Hollande tells May that talks on EU-UK relations must wait


  1. Corbyn claims life expectancy is falling
  2. Jeremy Corbyn loses temper at Labour local election launch, blaming media for party’s dismal polling
  3. Hero or villain? The Livingstone question
  4. This April the Tories are taking working families for fools – John McDonnell
  5. Jeremy Corbyn loses temper and blames media for dire poll ratings 
  6. Ken Livingstone outlines plot to ‘undermine’ ally Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism verdict




  1. There’s a food poverty crisis in the UK. And the government is starved of ideas
  2. Painting disabled people as ‘workshy’: that’s what benefits cuts are all about
  3. New welfare reforms put extra pressure on single parents to enter paid work
  4. Time For Claimants’ Voices To Be Heard Nationally
  5. DWP deliberately ‘covers up’ figures showing how it’s screwing over disabled people
  6. Changes to Universal Credit will push 200000 children below poverty line, report warns
  7. No DHP under Universal Credit?
  8. Documentary on WCA
  9. More in benefits for working than ‘scrounging’ – Benefit cap facts Panorama never mentioned
  10. Half of disabled PIP claimants have had benefits cut by DWP
  11. Government has broken vow on bereavement benefit cuts, says MP
  12. Tax Giveaway to Wealthy as Benefit changes ‘could push 200,000 children into poverty’.
  13. DWP presentation on ESA plans ‘confirms worst fears’ about green paper
  14. ESA figures show ‘very disturbing’ drop in number placed in support group
  15. Food banks ready to hand out 140,000 meals to hungry children this Easter in ‘Breadline Britain’
  16. Poverty is not a deficit of life skills
  18. BBC complicit in Tory propaganda over ESA cuts
  19. It’s official: austerity will hit families harder than ever imagined
  20. Tory Austerity & Child Poverty – Does anybody care?
  21. Changes From Today To ESA WRAG And Its UC Equivalent
  22. Welfare shakeup ‘will push a quarter of a million children into poverty’
  23. Watch the death rate rise as ‘Osborne legacy’ benefit changes come into force
  24. Disability benefit assessments ‘failing those who need help the most’
  25. SNP minister and charities attack UK’s child benefit rape clause
  26. Tories target unborn babies as devastating tax credit cuts come into force
  27. Desperate people ask for help and all I can do is offer a food parcel
  28. Cystic fibrosis sufferer denied PIP by DWP
  30. Child Tax Credit is changing TODAY and this is what you need to know
  31. Limited life chances of disabled people in Britain revealed by damning report
  32. Disabled people over two times more likely to be living in food poverty than able-bodied, report finds
  33. Tory disability benefit cuts ‘a dark moment’ in UK history
  34. Spring is always the bleakest time for those forced to rely on benefits
  35. Spending freeze to cut extra £4bn from benefits as raft of new benefit cuts kick in
  36. George Osborne’s benefit cuts legacy set to come into effect
  37. Victims of RAPE now have to prove it to get child tax credit by filling in this 8-page Government form
  38. This benefit cut will make youngsters homeless. It’s another Tory failure


Debbie Abrahams


“It is deeply distressing that 140,000 meals will need to be handed out by food banks this Easter to cover gaps in state support”

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Homeless families are being forced out of London as temporary housing costs soar
  2. Embarrassment as DWP has to amend its bedroom tax guidance lies
  3. New exemptions from the bedroom tax come into law
  4. BBC weaves its tangled web over the Benefit Cap
  5. Councils can now fine landlords up to £30,000 if they mistreat a tenant – how the new rules work
  6. Thousands on 50p-a-week housing benefit, Panorama finds

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. NHS 18-week wait target ‘jettisoned in all but name’
  2. Report calls for ‘major reform’ of adult social care funding
  3. Do you REALLY want to know what Cola does to you?
  4. Homelessness ‘endangering the lives of a growing number of people’
  5. NHS 111 ‘put suicidal callers on hold until they hung up’ 
  6. Junior doctor whose post on NHS pressures went viral found dead
  7. Cancer patients have 55% greater risk of suicide, study finds
  8. Record number of GP closures force 265,000 to find new doctors
  9. Smoking causes one in ten deaths globally, major new study reveals

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Hundreds of yellow cars descend on village to support pensioner whose canary-coloured car was ‘vandalised for being an eyesore’
  2. ‘The dead were wherever you looked’: inside Syrian town after gas attack
  3. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Kate & Will dine at same restaurant that Diana & Charles once did
  4. Amazon delivery driver forced to pee in a bottle on the road to meet ‘dangerous’ sales targets
  5. America is being ruled by an ‘idiot’, says Isis
  6. Largest turtle in the world emerges from sea and shocks MILLIONS
  7. Flown to the wrong Sydney after ticket mix-up
  8. Far-right demonstration falls flat as only 300 turn up to London march
  9. Axe robber shopped by his own mum after she spots him in CCTV pictures
  10. Two women are pulled apart after getting into fight over parking space
  11. Terrified cop caught on CCTV running away from MOUSE in police station

OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  2. Food prices rise at FASTEST rate for more than three years
  3. One million households cannot pay essential bills
  4. Michael Caine: I was so poor as a young actor so all my mates dropped me
  5. EastEnders’ Denise Fox forced to rely on FOOD BANKS after losing her job
  6. A quick feel could save your life but only a third of men do it
  7. Brexit means a UK recession
  8. Brexit: Human rights must form ‘key component of future trade deals’, says Commons report
  9. Important Information On How Disabled People Can Enforce Right To Travel On Buses
  10. Supreme Court rules parents CANNOT take kids on term-time holidays
  11. These 10 companies control everything you buy 
  12. St Petersburg metro explosion leaves 11 dead and dozens wounded
  13. Industrial heartland is in no fit state to pump up UK exports
  14. Croydon ‘hate crime’ attack: six arrests after teenager left in critical condition

WEATHER: hols4-1.gif

  1. Climate sceptics say they can ‘mislead public’ because of free speech
  2. UK weather: Britain braced for scorching weekend as temperatures soar to 23C and sun shines on Grand National



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