This week in the News 14/4/17


  1. Ministers accused of cover-up after keeping no record of secret speeches made at luxury weekend with insurance bosses
  2. By abandoning ‘hardworking families’ to poverty, have the Tories finally gone too far?
  3. Boris Johnson’s £320,000 illegal water cannons have STILL not been sold because nobody ‘ethical’ will buy them
  4. SYRIA MISSILE STRIKE Boris Johnson says Donald Trump could launch more missiles
  5. BBC Panorama won’t name the senior MPs at the heart of a major banking scandal. So we are
  6. TORY CUTS A headteacher lifts the lid on the heartbreaking reality of what Tory cuts mean for our children
  7. Prepare for real war: Russia and Iran warn Trump
  8. WORKERS RIGHTS The Tories have just sneaked out yet more plans aimed at weakening workers’ rights
  9. Boris Johnson is a liability for Britain YOU THINK!
  10. Tory expenses scandal: Party lied to police about accuracy of spending claims
  11.  Senior Tory MPs demand five-year immigration ban
  12. TORY CUTS CAUSE schools to beg parents for money to pay for basic equipment
  13. TORY CUTS Thousands of domestic violence victims withdrawing from legal action after Government cuts, figures reveal



  1. Labour’s new plan would give 5.6 million working people a pay rise, and save the taxpayer £40bn a year
  2. Pushing out Jeremy Corbyn ‘would leave Labour below 10% in the polls’ 
  3. ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s election was the most hopeful thing since the Labour Party began’
  4. Labour calls for urgent probe into claims Bank of England involved in Libor manipulation
  5. Ultimately the unions will decide Jeremy Corbyn’s future in the Labour Party
  6. A mainstream media insider explains exactly how the BBC goes about smearing Jeremy Corbyn
  7. Jeremy Corbyn names and shames energy company which sponsored Labour conference over ‘late payments’
  8. Jeremy Corbyn dismisses latest dire opinion polls as local elections loom
Private firms rake in millions more than budget for Tories’ hated disability benefit tests NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!


  1. 50,000 disabled people have had mobility vehicles seized
  2. The wrong ESA outcome? APPEAL, APPEAL, APPEAL
  3. Repeat PIP assessments ‘have to be stopped’ 
  4. Woman with mental health problems ‘asked why she hadn’t killed herself yet’ by disability benefits assessor
  5. The DWP decided to take away a disabled woman’s Motability car after tickling her with a feather
  6. PIP ATROCITIES Thousands of disabled people face repeated reassessments for their benefits – despite having worsening conditions
  7. MS sufferer slams ‘awful’ benefits chiefs who axed her Motability car in favour £65000 taxis
  8. Universal Jobmatch changes could hit public sector hiring
  9. Benefit sanctions hit one in seven single parents, research shows
  10. Tory economics: Save £6,000 in benefit payments at a cost of only £65,000
  11. Dickensian-style ‘pauper’s funerals’ have soared since Tories came to power as families can’t afford burial fees
  12. As Damian Green Idles his Time Away…the Flawed Thinking Behind Universal Credit IT System Comes Out
  13. Benefits sanctions do unfairly target single parents – whatever the Tories say
  14. Increasing the minimum wage saves billions in ‘welfare!’
  15. Time to radically rethink welfare
  16. Disabled mum says DWP took adapted car away after ‘hand tickling’ assessment
  17. As Damian Green Idles his Time Away Flawed Thinking Behind Universal Credit IT System Comes Out.
  18. Eight things you should know about the benefit cap
  19. ESA Form Now Asks If Claimants Have Been In Prison
  20. Britain’s massive unclaimed benefits failure – and how to fix it
  21. UK outsourcing deals extended because of Brexit workload
  22. Universal Credit benefits changes 2017 – here’s how it will affect you
  23. Universal Credit cuts will push 200,000 more children into poverty
  24. Disabled Brits denied equal rights and an adequate standard of living, report says
  25. ‘Wasteful and pointless’ Campaigners fury as sick claimants are forced to prove they are ill with PIP tests

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Homelessness ‘endangering the lives of a growing number of people’
  2. Utopian thinking: Free housing should be a universal right
  3. Homeless Families and Social Cleansing: How Local Councils Are Forcing Vulnerable Households Out of London
  4. Estate agents struggling to find homes to sell, says report

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. Conservative Government’s Health Cuts See Dramatic Rise in Deaths
  2. UKIP blame NHS crisis on too many women doctors!
  3. Nurses vote on strike action over NHS pay cuts
  4. Almost half of GPs ‘plan to quit NHS due to perilously low morale’
  5. When will public anger over the NHS reach a political tipping point?
  6. The NHS is being forced to borrow ‘toxic’ cash from Tory donor hedge funds to prevent ‘serious injury’ to patients
  7. Fed-up GP felt forced to quit NHS after his job was reduced ‘to fobbing off patients’
  8. Two in five GPs in south-west of England plan to quit, survey finds
  9. Social care system ‘beginning to collapse’ as 900 carers quit every day

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. DWP takes disabled woman’s Motability car off her to save £8k – then offer to pay £65k on taxis instead
  2. Incredible moment man realises he’s found £2,000,000 in gold bars inside £30,000 tank
  3. Rampaging pig-on-the-run chases after jogger as it makes hilarious escape from police
  4. Bullying of disabled people has got worse – because it’s government-sanctioned
  5. WTFH!!! Mum who killed pensioner with dangerous driving spared jail ‘because it would interfere with family life’!!!
  6. GET OFF THE PLANE! United Airlines ‘overbooked’ flight incident
  7. Police find massive rain forest of cannabis in North London
  8. Sean Spicer apologizes for ‘even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons’ gaffe

 OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. MORE TERROR ATTACKS Stockholm terror suspect claims he ‘achieved his aim
  2. MORE TERROR Borussia Dortmund bus bombing: Everything we know after shocking attack on football team’s coach
  3. UK workers prefer traditional employment to the gig economy
  4. Russia decries cancelled Boris Johnson visit and warns on further Syria attacks
  5. ‘It’s a shambles’: data shows most asylum seekers put in poorest parts of Britain
  6. Murdered PC Keith Palmer laid to rest as thousands of police officers pay tribute to Westminster terror victim
  7. SCHOOLS: Greening targets ‘ordinary families’ in grammar schools drive
  8. Real wages could soon FALL despite Tories boasting of soaring employment
  9. ‘These people don’t realise he’s a human being’ Heartbroken dad hits out at decision to keep his autistic son 600 miles away
  10. Birmingham revealed as Britain’s unemployment ‘capital’ in map exposing reality behind the Tory jobs boom
  11. CRIME: Met warns of steep rise in London gun and knife crime
  12. Thousands to attend funeral of PC killed in Westminster attack
  13. Judges Have Just Ruled That Cuts To Legal Aid For Prisoners Are Unlawful
  14. How supermarkets are tricking you into paying more for own-label items
  15. The government hates me for being disabled – why aren’t people fighting back? My Wigan Pier Story


Easter will bring SNOW and traffic gridlock as 1,000-mile wide Icelandic air plume arrives



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