This week in the News (21/4/17)


  2. Theresa May calls for general election to secure Brexit mandate
  3. Conservatives criticised over job creation ‘failure’
  4. Theresa May is acting more like a controlling medieval monarch than a PM
  5. Theresa May is not just breaking her promises – she is breaking our politics
  6. Osborne: history will not be kind to a man whose flaws led to Brexit
  7. Tory MPs face being prosecuted for electoral fraud before election
  8. How the general election could go against Theresa May
  9. The Lady IS for U-turning as Theresa May puts herself and Tories first by calling snap election
  10. With a whiff of sulphur, George Osborne was gone – but for how long?
  11. Theresa May was so busy planning her GE17 surprise, she missed its major flaw
  12. Will Theresa May really kill Labour off in this election?
  13. Theresa May’s Conservatives are 21 points ahead of Labour in new poll
  14. Theresa May’s Easter Message Of Unity – WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!!! THE POPE 
  15. Voting Tory in #GE17 is a vote to kill people like me, and you need to know why
  16. Austerity is causing death – so the Conservatives are getting away with murder


  1. Jeremy Corbyn uses Easter message to praise those who run food banks and protect the vulnerable
  2. Jeremy Corbyn blasts chicken Theresa May for refusing to take part in general election TV debates
  3. Labour facing loss of 75 seats and worst result since before WWII
  4. ‘He’s got no oomph’: Corbyn divides voters
  5. Jeremy Corbyn’s speech launching Labour’s election campaign as “the people versus the establishment”
  6. Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will fight for the people against the Tory party of privilege in the election
  7. Nicola Sturgeon launches withering attack on ‘unelectable’ Jeremy Corbyn
  8.   Jeremy Corbyn rules out second refe Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will fight for the people against the Tory party of privilege in the electionrendum on Brexit deal
  9. Jeremy Corbyn makes election pledge to bust ‘cosy cartel’ of politics
  10. Jeremy Corbyn praises those who run food banks and protect the vulnerable
  11. Jeremy Corbyn’s policy blitz supported by majority of British public, poll says

Watch Dennis Skinner lay into the PM at PMQT

There are 13 million disabled people in Britain. If we don’t vote together, the DWP will tighten the screws on us


  1. Workfare Scrapped in 2015? Was knowingly total BullSh*t?
  2. ANOTHER PIP ATROCITY: Man who lost mobility scooter under PIP brands assessment system “outrageous” 
  3. Sharp rise in rejected claims for PIP
  4. Tories accused of ‘election bribe’ by unveiling help for the disabled while campaign gets under way
  5. Today’s demo. Queue for food parcels and endless apathy. Life at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.
  6. Is everyone in the WRAG likely to work again? Not according to one Upper Tribunal
  7. Claimants winning at PIP plea panels
  8. Conservatives criticised over job creation ‘failure’
  9. Poor children returning to school ‘malnourished’ following increase in ‘school holiday hunger’
  10. Labour Alarmed At Sharp Rise In PIP Rejections
  11. Hammond facing calls from Tory MPs to review four-year benefit freeze
  12. Tory candidates face public grilling on welfare “rape clause”
  13. Concern over “spike” in disability benefit rejections
  14. Tribunal judges overturn more than half of PIP rejections appealed
  15. Unconnected and out of work: the vicious circle of having no internet

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Bedroom Tax et al costs MORE in Housing Benefit
  2. Tories oversee mass council homes sale
  3. Housing crisis: more than 200,000 homes in England lie empty

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. Desperate hospitals beg doctors to take on extra shifts – at £95 an hour 
  2. Young women working in low-paid and insecure jobs has ‘terrible impact’ on their wellbeing
  3. Record 3.66million sick Brits waiting for treatment in worst February on record for NHS surgery lists
  4. Mental health provision now so bad patients are locked up with criminals
  5. Stroke and dementia risk linked to artificial sweeteners
  6. Thousands of asylum seekers and migrants wrongly denied NHS healthcare
  7. Why can’t NHS-basher Kristian Niemietz admit the only problem with the NHS is the Tories


Hayley Squires


“Disability cuts are “unfair”, “horrible and cruel”


  1. Kids forced to wear COATS in class because school couldn’t afford heating bill 
  2. Greedy Basset Hound named Star minutes from death after gorging on family’s ELEVEN Easter eggs
  3. Just ONE Diet Cola a day can ‘TRIPLE the risk of a deadly stroke’ and dementia
  4. Armed police to be trained to shoot through windscreens to stop vehicle attacks
  5. ALDI HOOPS & HULA HOOPS Are made in the same factory!
  6. G4S boss receives record £4.8m in pay and bonuses
  7. Fury as Britain plans to KEEP sending foreign aid to North Korea 
  8. Paupers’ funerals rise by 50 per cent in four years

OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. North Korea launches missile but attempt ends in failure
  2. Big six energy firms braced for government price crackdown 
  3. Figures show lion’s share of free schools spending goes to wealthy south
  4. How to survive the election campaign of doom
  5. Paris shooting: French police officer killed on Champs Élysées
  6. Britain loses 1 billion pounds through VAT fraud and error by Amazon and eBay sellers

WEATHER: 1.gif

Arctic blast on way to UK bringing freezing temperatures ‘as cold as Iceland’ with icy gales and SNOW 


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