This week in the News (28/4/17)




  1. Boris Johnson labels Jeremy Corbyn ‘a mutton-headed mugwump’ [SEE IMAGE ABOVE]
  2. REASONS TO “VOTE TORY” 10 million meals given out by foodbanks in just a year – and Universal Credit causing even more hunger 
  3. Whatever Happened To The Tory Bullying Scandal?
  4. BoJo finally gives Theresa May his backing
  5. Fester McVey selected as Tory candidate for George Osborne’s former seat
  6. Majority of UK voters want May to face Corbyn in live TV debate
  7. Today, yet another lie came back to haunt the con artists who led the Brexit campaign.
  8. Tory Elections News You Probably Will Not Hear.
  9. Corbyn’s plan will strengthen our society
  10. Petition demanding Theresa May take part in TV debates hits 100,000 signatures 
  11. Today, yet another lie came back to haunt the con artists who led the Brexit campaign.
  12. Fester Mcvey’s return to politics
  13. Conservatives warned: don’t take ‘landslide’ election win for granted
  14. Stay off my lawn Prime Minister’: Local unimpressed as Theresa May targets Black Country
  15. Voters furious at heartless Tory plans to raid pensions and hike taxes after the election
  16. Hi, Daniel Blake – Theresa May’s latest fashion favourite
  17. Tory Philip Davies Slammed For Saying Men Suffer Less Domestic Violence
  18. Conservative Party ‘Information Officer’ caught circulating faked Jeremy Corbyn images online 
  19. Theresa May just denied 3 million people a vote, weeks before the general election
  20. An investigation has gone live that could wreck the Tories’ election game plan
  21. Theresa May should remember that 48% of her electorate didn’t vote for her hard Brexit
  22. Tories caught out over ‘hollow’ support pledge for disabled people
  23. The poor get poorer and the rich won’t admit it
  24. Tories accused of stealing Labour’s energy price cap promise

If everyone who has been victimised by the Tories votes in the general election, Theresa May is sunk


  1. Labour takes to the streets and social media to reach voters
  2. Tony Blair tells people: vote Tory or Lib Dem!
  3. SNP Nicola Sturgeon describes ‘national scandal’ of Tory attacks on state pension provision
  4. GE2017: Jeremy Corbyn attacks Tories over housing crisis
  5. John McDonnell: I welcome this but under a Labour government workers wont have to worry about zero-hour contracts in the first place
  6. SNP Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Rape clause’ highlights need for more welfare powers
  7. SNP Sturgeon claims May called snap election because of fears over expenses
  8. Think Jeremy Corbyn is a loser? Oh dear, you’ve been brainwashed
  9. Corbyn hits back at Blair after former PM’s call to put party allegiances aside
  10. Corbyn ‘planning to dismantle’ UK defences – Tories claim
  11. Lib Dems have pulled out of a key election seat to help the Green Party boss win 
  12. Boost for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour as Len McCluskey is re-elected as leader of Unite
  13. Corbyn promises 4 more Bank Holidays


  1. Severely disabled West Cumbrian woman told to prove she’s unfit for work
  3. Former DWP expert admitted ‘fit for work’ tests were ‘unsatisfactory’ in 2012 – Tories ignored him
  4. I, Daniel Blake’s nasty Job Centre worker has just been forced to sign on herself 
  5. People with mental health problems left behind due to benefit changes
  6. The Welfare Reform Act smacks of return to murky world of eugenics
  7. DWP tell stroke victim to use food banks after Atos error leaves him with no DLA payments
  8. Record number of families forced to use food banks as Universal Credit is rolled out
  9. Universal Credit roll-out leading to ‘a vicious cycle of debt and despair’
  10. Three million children ‘at hunger risk’ during school holidays
  11. A 35-year assault on our wellbeing
  12. Government admits failing to record actions after benefit suicide inquiries
  13. DLA to PIP Motability Appeals Scheme Begins Plus Big Rise In Zero Points For PIP 
  14. Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos
  15. Scotland bans private firms from doing benefit assessments
  16. Human Rights Commission savages UK government over ‘rape clause’
  17. Bereaved dad vows to campaign against ‘ludicrous’ benefit cuts for grieving parents

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Housing and the poverty of challenge in the general election
  2. Revealed – the 10 areas worst-hit by the Tories’ cruel housing benefit cut for youngsters
  3. Rough sleeping to increase dramatically in Wales. It’s systemic

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. NHS could ban sugary soft drinks from all hospital shops
  2. My child is in pain, bleeding and she is ignored because we are poor. We have no NHS to go to anymore.
  3. Children’s hospital units forced to close to new patients due to staff shortages
  4. More than 2,000 elderly and ill people die while waiting for care at home
  5. NHS workers have spoken. The general election is our only chance of saving the health service
  6. Labour promises to abolish Government’s ‘insulting’ NHS staff pay cap
  7. Theresa May’s secret plans to replace NHS England with private US healthcare system 
  8. Accessing Mental Health For The Woman In Crisis
  9. How Theresa May’s preferred US system to take over the NHS featured in the Nixon Watergate scandal
  10. Smokers and obese patients face more curbs on NHS surgery


  1. Britain’s super-rich are paying less in taxes than their cleaners
  2. ‘It’s wrong that I can’t feed myself’: Gulf War veteran on zero-hours contract can’t afford to eat for THREE DAYS
  3. Donald Trump has ‘dangerous mental illness’, say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
  4. North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier
  5. Paedophile worked at schools cricket association with ECB permission
  6. Beekeepers demand Ukip clarify policy on banning face coverings
  7. Bigamist dad ‘caught out after wife spotted photo with new spouse on Facebook’

OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. Nearly 40 million people live in UK areas with illegal air pollution
  2. WESTMINSTER TERROR Armed officers arrest suspected terrorist with ‘backpack of knives’
  3. Sun prints apology for Kelvin MacKenzie column on Ross Barkley
  4. Disabled people are to be ‘warehoused’. We should be livid
  5. 41% more immigration under Theresa May
  6. New French revolution! Far-Right V Far-Left
  7. Energy execs to blame for Government’s price cap gimmick
  8. Energy bills: what’s the difference between Tory cap and Miliband freeze?
  9. Unilever: No longer a representative of a better sort of capitalism?


UK weather: cold snap to give way to milder, mixed conditions for Bank Holiday



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