This week in the News (5/5/17)


  1. RIGHT-WING TORY Blair refuses to endorse Corbyn for prime minister
  2. May Day report by MPs damns growing UK gig economy
  3. Theresa May ducks out of charity duck race after NHS campaigners turn up to protest A&E closure
  4. Theresa May Accuses EU Of Using ‘Threats’ To Deliberately Interfere In UK General Election
  5. Voters have delivered a stark message directly to the Tories’ front door
  6. More BIZARRE behaviour from Theresa May as PM LOCKS journalists behind door during visit
  7. May dismisses reports of frosty dinner with EU chief
  8. Tories caught out over ‘hollow’ support pledge for disabled people
  9. Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos
  10. Tories get a cruel fix from seeing poor people suffer
  11. The stories that won’t make headlines in the Evening Standard with Gidiot at the helm
  12. Tories aim to win with apathy and low turnout – Jeremy Corbyn speech
  13. BREAKING: How HSBC’s ‘dark money’ could have bought the Conservatives the 2010 general election
  14. Why should I not vote Conservative? 29 nasty policies you shouldn’t forget in the 2017 general election
  15. Here is every key promise the Conservative Party has broken since the last general election


  1. Jeremy Corbyn election bid to promote ‘warmer’ style of leadership
  2. Brexit could trigger worse crash than 2008, says Vince Cable
  3. Labour party pledges to outlaw all zero-hours contracts
  4. Corbyn pledges another 10,000 police on the beat
  5. Jeremy Corbyn vows to block £3bn of Tory ‘tax breaks for the rich’ and use cash for new police
  6. NOOOOO Simon & Karen Danczuk both rejected as Labour candidates


  1. ANOTHER PIP ATROCITY Disabled man worried by benefit cuts killed himself by setting himself on fire in front of horrified shoppers 
  2. ‘Damian Green must apologise for misleading WASPI women’
  3. Universal Credit is nothing to celebrate
  4. ATOS cock-up leaves stroke-victim without benefits and in fear of homelessness
  5. Former DWP expert admitted ‘fit for work’ tests were ‘unsatisfactory’ in 2012 
  6. Millions of older people missing out on £3.5bn in unclaimed benefits
  7. Theresa May weighing up cheaper ‘double lock’ for pensions
  8. Pushing people to the brink of suicide: the reality of benefit assessments
  9. Disability benefits – Tory lies and the ‘failing’ welfare rights system
  10. More people come forward in the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
  11. Thousands of people who score ‘zero points’ for disability benefit win fight to get it back
  12. Poverty risk for 50,000 low-income households at lower benefit cap
  13. FIGURES SHOW LINK between benefit re-assessments and suicides
  14. A Quarter Of PIP Appeal Winners Start With Zero Points
  15. Government fails to deliver £4bn savings after cutting disability benefit
  16. Bereaved dad vows to campaign against ‘ludicrous’ benefit cuts for grieving parents
  17. Poor working families face big losses from benefit cuts, says IFS
  18. Solving serious concerns with Universal Credit an ‘urgent priority’
  19. Computer Experts Cast Doubt on Universal Credit Targets as its Hides Behind “Agile Development”.
  20. Welfare reform is not only cruel but chaotic. Theresa May must address this
  21. Tory benefit cap forcing women to consider terminating pregnancies
  22. SNP vow to kick the private sector out of Scotland’s benefit assessment system
  23. UK should axe state pension for rich people, says OECD
  24. Disabled man set himself on fire over benefit changes, inquest hears
  25. Universal Credit roll-out leading to ‘a vicious cycle of debt and despair’
  26. ‘Damian Green must apologise for misleading WASPI women’, say SNP
  27. Bed-ridden stroke victim told to use food banks after DWP admin error leaves him without benefits


Tory MP Richard Green slips up on live TV, seeming clueless about the damage his party is causing

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Welfare cuts exacerbating Britain’s housing crisis
  2. Charities welcome ‘crucial step forward in fighting homelessness’
  3. ‘Inappropriate’ death of supported housing
  4. UT exposes sham decision making process in the bedroom tax
  5. More people sleep rough in Stafford NOW than IN THE 1930s!
  6. Homeless people forced to live in dark tunnels underneath Manchester’s city streets

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. Labour will give pay rise to ‘overworked and underpaid’ NHS staff
  2. NHS nurse shortages ‘putting patients lives at risk’
  3. Desperately underpaid paramedic tells Theresa May: “I’ve seen things no one should have to witness”
  4. Baby boomers warned over alcohol intake as hospital admissions soar
  5. Hospital waiting lists ‘will rise above 5 million’ as targets slide
  6. Scandal as NHS plasma supplies sold off by Tories for £230 million sold on to Chinese for £820 million

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Theresa May canvasses in SCOTLAND & it all went embarrassingly downhill from there
  2. Call centre workers who fail to meet targets have SQUID dropped on their faces as horrifying forfeit
  3. Scarlett Johansson invites lookalike grandma out for drinks
  4. Mum finds out the hard way why you don’t take your new car to a safari park
  5. The unlikely origin of the knock knock joke – and how it was first told
  6. ‘Mr Gorilla’ on the London Marathon route
  7. Sunscreen ‘is making us vitamin D deficient’
  8. Cyclist suffers broken nose after car passenger pushes him ‘for a bit of fun’
  9. Britain’s longest-serving patient dies 54 years after being admitted to hospital
  10. Driver looks into fuel tank using a lighter – you’ll never guess what happened next
  11. There’s a new gym class where you just sleep for 45 minutes & still burn calories

 OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. School holidays leave 3 million children at risk of hunger, report says
  2. Supermarkets ‘should sell wonky veg to help cut food waste’
  3. Missing surfer found alive after 32 hours off Argyll coast
  4. Here’s how May Day looked around the UK
  5. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Cheryl has named her baby-son Bear
  6. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Princess Charlotte’s second birthday photo
  7. FOR THOSE THAT GIVE A TOSS Prince Philip to step down from public life

WEATHER: hols4-1.gifwe’ve been promised a heatwave – I ain’t holding my breath! time.jpg



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