This week in the News (12/5/17)




  1. May Day report by MPs damns TORIES growing UK gig economy
  2. United Nations Launch Investigation Into UK Conservative Government
  3. Only richest 5 per cent to shoulder rise in taxes
  4. The Tories attacked Jeremy Corbyn for announcing a policy Theresa May campaigned for
  5. TORY CORRUPTION CPS announces it will not charge Conservative candidates amid campaign spending allegations
  6. TORY CORRUPTION Conservative election expenses charging decision due
  7. The real reason why the wealthy and well-connected win all the political battles during elections
  8. TORY CORRUPTION Prosecutors to reveal if they’ll charge up to 30 Tory MPs with election fraud
  9.  SECRET TORY PLOT to bring back fox hunting revealed in leaked email
  10. ANOTHER Tory Plot to water down Theresa May’s energy price cap pledge
  11. ‘Was it you or Sturgeon who slipped that in?’ May’s hilarious SHUT DOWN of Brexit question
  12. May reaffirms aim to bring down net immigration to ‘tens of thousands’ per year
  13. Tories have left Britain defenceless as huge cuts in forces highlight their breathtaking hypocrisy
  14. This absolute genius used his CCTV doorbell to avoid speaking to Theresa May
  15. BBC TORY BIAS A close relative of 2 Tory MPs – accused of collaborating with Theresa May on planted questions
  16. Wealth bonanza rubbishes claims of a “government that works for everyone”
  17. Theresa May’s government has just been caught breaking the law. And millions will be affected


  1. Jeremy Corbyn blasts Theresa May and the Tories’ appalling record in government in a passionate speech
  2. Never mind who leaked it, this Labour manifesto is a cornucopia of delights
  3. Jeremy Corbyn says he will not quit as leader if Labour loses election
  4. Corbyn Is The Most Electable Politician In A Generation
  5. What would Labour do for the working people?
  6. Corbyn says he is ‘surprised’ by CPS decision not to prosecute over Tory election expenses 
  7. British voters have failed Jeremy Corbyn, and must work hard to regain his confidence
  8. Labour party’s plan to nationalise rail, mail and energy firms
  9. Actress Maxine Peake backs Jeremy Corbyn’s government 
  10. Labour looks at new tax bracket for those earning £80k-£150k
  11. Labour pledge to ‘end the race to the bottom’ on pay and worker’s rights


  1. Caister woman forced to live on £71 a week after unsuccessful PIP assessment
  3. “Barbaric” 50-page PIP benefits application was reason disabled woman took her own life, claims sister
  4. Welfare reform is not only cruel but chaotic
  5. Is It Really True That People At Foodbanks Drink, Smoke And Have Sky TV?
  6. Charity demands better support for the UK’s 6.5 MILLION unpaid carers
  7. Poverty risk for 50,000 low-income households at lower benefit cap
  8. Davidson accused of ‘shameless defense’ of Tory tax credit ‘rape clause’
  9. Tory benefit cap forcing women to consider terminating pregnancies
  10. ATOS cock-up leaves stroke-victim without benefits and in fear of homelessness
  11. Poorest face ‘double whammy’ if Tories ditch triple lock on pensions
  12. Disabled man set himself on fire over benefit changes

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. MPs call for the introduction of a new ‘Supported Housing Allowance’
  2. Welfare cuts exacerbating Britain’s housing crisis
  3. Tory policies will deny homes to hundreds of thousands of pensioners and disabled people, warn housing chiefs
  4. New bedroom tax ‘will cost 300,000 homes’ for elderly and disabled
  5. Corbyn pins Labour’s election hopes on housing reform pledges
  6. Charities welcome ‘crucial step forward in fighting homelessness’

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. ‘I don’t know who I am without it’: the truth about long-term antidepressant use
  2. NHS staff ‘quitting to work in supermarkets because of poor pay’
  3. Jeremy Hunt confronted over why nurses are using food banks
  4. Hunt admits his NHS target failures are ‘unacceptable’
  5. Theresa May faces angry NHS workers during radio phone-in
  6. Common painkillers may raise risk of heart attack by 100%
  7. Terrifyingly, the NHS is about to get some of its money from hedge funds – this will be great leap forward in privatisation
  8. WHOO HOO Eating cheese does not raise risk of heart attack or stroke
  9. Jeremy Hunt’s promise to end mental health injustice is laughable, for one important reason
  10. “It feels like I’m being poisoned:” Mum who died after boob job
  11. NHS: Tories SILENT on roll out of £145 charges for 40 minute GP consultations
  12. Hunt admits he ‘can’t deliver’ £350m-a-week Brexit NHS promise

Theresa May refuses to rule out more cuts to disability benefits sparking fears of fresh bombshell

WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Iain Duncan Smith rapped Eminem on live TV and it’s as horrific as it sounds!
  2. The Pineapple and the Madness of Modern Art
  3. Mum-to-be who drove at cyclist and sent him flying into tree weeps as she is locked up
  4. Man lost eight stone by drinking his own wee every day
  5. Woman’s hilarious rant after shower gel ‘leaves her genitals ablaze’ – and she’s not alone
  6. Smoking inside your OWN council house could be BANNED under new rules
  7. 2017 list found the wealthiest 1,000 people have a record total wealth of £658bn
  8. Disability charity says it will face crisis if forced to pay minimum wage
  9. Man nicks dildos from sex shop after drinking six litres of cider
  10. ‘Developed nation’ Britain is bottom of wage rise table
  11. 12-year-old girl beats Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in IQ test


“This is the chance we have been waiting for” 

(To Repeal The Foxhunting Ban)


OTHER NEWS news.jpg
  1. UK becoming the insecure job capital of Europe, study suggests
  2. French election: Emmanuel Macron wins presidency
  3. FBI chief James Comey fired by Trump
  4. Trump admits ‘this Russia thing’ was part of reasoning for firing James Comey
  5. Girl dies after falling from Drayton Manor theme park ride
  6. France defeats the populist revolution with Macron win
  7. Clampdown on Facebook trolls and ‘hate posters’ after court ruling



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