This week in the News (19/5/17)



  1. Conservatives launch online offensive against Corbyn
  2. Theresa May’s Facebook Live goes terribly as viewers bombard video with ‘angry’ faces
  3. The Conservative Party manifesto has now officially told the UN to go f*** itself
  4. Tory manifesto: more elderly people will have to pay for own social care
  5. Don’t be fooled – Theresa May will raise your taxes
  6. Theresa May seizes winter fuel payments from millions of the richest pensioners in Tory manifesto raid
  7. General Election 2017: Is Theresa May a ‘Red Tory’?
  8. Tory toff jetted off to avoid rail misery
  9. Theresa May appears to confuse learning disability with mental health
  10. Tory MP ‘told schoolgirl to “f*** off back to Scotland” when she said she’d vote for independence’
  11. Tory Councillor suspended after anti-Irish Eurovision tweet
  12. Conservative candidates ‘making electoral pacts with Ukip’
  13. Labour and Tories set to woo working-class voters with new policies
  14. Theresa’s Tories don’t care about working people. Don’t swallow the rebrand



  1. Jeremy Corbyn promises extra £37bn for NHS
  2. The really scary thing about Corbyn? He’s not radical at all
  3. Jeremy Corbyn claimed Nato was a ‘danger to world peace’ 
  4.  Is Labour’s manifesto living in fantasy land? 
  5. Labour’s Disability And Welfare Policies For #GE2017
  6. Labour admits it would not end benefits freeze, after day of confusion
  7.  Labour pledges £37bn for the NHS by 2022
  8. And how Labour’s sums add up
  10. Vote Labour to uphold the rights of disabled people
  11. A fine manifesto – for fighting the last election
  12. Corbyn should remain as leader if Labour loses, says Clive Lewis
  13. Labour’s Brexit aims are unachievable, says campaign group
  14. What Corbyn said to launch the manifesto – and what he really meant
  15. Labour manifesto abandons the flawed WCA … YES!!!
  16. Labour proposes 45p tax rate for £80000+ earners
  17. If “work is the best route out of poverty” why are so many poor people in work?
  18. Labour party election broadcast produced by Ken Loach
  19. Labour climbs to highest poll rating since start of election campaign
  20. Watch and read Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Royal College of Nursing conference in full 


DWP skul-1.gif

  1. May Confronted On Campaign Trail: Bring Back DLA!
  2. DWP admits an 80% target to uphold appeals against benefit sanctions
  3. Theresa May confronted by disabled woman angry over government cuts on campaign trail
  4. Compulsory no wage youth #workfare conscription to be expanded
  5. If “work is the best route out of poverty” why are so many poor people in work?
  6. ‘I’m suffering’: woman who confronted May tells of disability cuts ordeal
  7. ANOTHER DWP ATROCITY! Disabled mum took fatal overdose hours after her benefits appeal rejected
  8. ANOTHER DWP ATROCITY ‘Outrageous interference’ with rule of law as DWP sets 80% benefit appeal rejection target
  9. ANOTHER DWP ATROCITY Tories ‘cruel’ benefits sanctions make mental health problems worse
  10. ‘I’m angry’: voter confronts Theresa May over disability benefit cuts
  11. ‘Fat cats keep the money’, angry voter yells at PM May
  12. DWP ‘has outrageous target’ to reject 80% of benefits appeals
  13. Loss of Motability car after PIP assessment leaves disabled woman housebound

HOUSING house-1.gif

  1. Everything that’s wrong with Theresa May’s big promise to build more social housing
  2. Theresa May’s Contradictory and Crap Housing Policy
  3. Labour dismisses Tory housing plan as empty spin
  4. Dismayism – Tories promise 25,532 FEWER houses under Theresa May!
  5. The ONLY way to solve the “housing crisis” is in Labour’s manifesto

NHS & Health Matters nurse.gif

  1. NHS cyber-attack: No ‘second spike’ but disruption continues
  2. Health trusts across England were sent details of a patch that would have prevented the cyber attack
  3. Conservatives must make manifesto commitment of £350m a week for the NHS, say doctors
  4. Remember when Daniel Hannan kept appearing on Fox News to attack the NHS?
  5. Who is to blame for exposing the NHS to cyber-attacks?
  6. Jeremy Hunt breaks silence on NHS cyber attack
  7. Eight reasons you really can’t trust the Tories with the NHS
  8. GPs demand patients should be forced to PAY to see them despite concerns that charge would hit poor and elderly
  9. RCN nurses threaten first strike in their union’s long history
  10. NHS cancer patients hit by treatment delays after cyber-attack
  11. The NHS got lucky – for now. Cyber-attacks will only get worse


WTF NEWS newhere_gif

  1. Debt timebomb in UK as number of people taken to court for missing repayments leaps 35%
  2. Lottery millionaire’s son spent £1.6m – then sued his father for more cash
  3. Nursing home fees reach £1,000 per week on average
  4. Crazed North Korea leader launches new long-range missile capable of carrying ‘large nuclear warhead’
  5. Victim of crime? Solve it yourself! Public told to submit evidence online to save police money
  6. Scrapping free school lunches is an attack on struggling families
  7. UK most ‘unequal society in Europe’
  8. No! Sushi – the parasitic nightmare in your lunchbox
  9. Drought? What Drought? River goes from dry to full-flow in days


Cathy Mohan


OTHER NEWS news.jpg

  1. The disability campaigner hired by the UN
  2. Freedom of Information Act document leaks could become criminal
  3. Jobs market will suffer a Brexit slowdown
  4. Ian Brady DEAD: Good Riddance
  5. Theresa May is right to take school meals off primary school pupils – it’s their fault we’re in this financial situation anyway
  6. 75% of pensioners to lose winter fuel allowance? Yes!
  7. Moors Murders investigation will never be closed, say police
  8. What is WannaCry ransomware and why is it attacking global computers?

WEATHER: hols4-1.gifTHIS PAST WEEK WE HAVE HAD FORECASTS OF  A HEATWAVE & FLOODS – you need to decide for yourself which one you believe



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