Disabled war veteran rode mobility scooter on 60mph road for 20-mile trip to attend benefits test

Geoffrey Berry drove along the hard shoulder to the assessment centre after he was told he could not get a home consultation.

Disabled woman felt “dehumanised” after being forced to crawl up stairs for benefits appointment

Maria Quinn, 32, has blasted the centre for its shocking disabled access after she was told staff would not be able to attach a wheelchair ramp over the stairs for her to use

Man left almost blind in road accident ruled fit to work just weeks after coming out of coma

BENEFIT assessors have ruled a man left almost blind by a road accident as fit to work – just weeks after he came out of a coma.

Alex Howe, from Coxhoe, County Durham, is blind in one eye and has severely reduced visibility in the other, struggles to walk and has lost hearing in one ear.

Teenager denied benefits despite urgently needing kidney replacement

Brooke Johnson with mum Tara and dad Darren

teenager in need of a kidney transplant is angry she will not be allowed a supportive benefit. Brooke Johnson, 19, has autoimmunity, a condition which causes the body’s immune system to attack healthy cells.

After suffering symptoms including anaemia, nausea, high blood pressure, vision problems and fatigue she was forced to quit her job at Home Bargains and defer studying her A levels.

Stroke sufferer may need to sell his home after being denied benefits

Chris Gold

A Somerset man, who was left partially paralysed after suffering a stroke, may be forced to sell his house. This is because he has accumulated high levels of debt whilst waiting to receive benefit payments.

Chris Gold was initially refused the Universal Credit benefit after being told he should be working.

This was despite Chris suffering brain damage as well as paralysis following the stroke….



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