Another Three Billboards…

Campaigners have used Three Billboards outside Parliament to make a powerful point about the Grenfell Tower fire. A campaign group placed three huge posters in Westminster, echoing the film Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Campaigners placed three billboards outside the Houses of Parliament today, with a powerful message about the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Echoing the Oscar nominated film Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, the Justice 4 Grenfell Campaign drove three trucks bearing the billboards into the heart of London, and parked them outside the Palace of Westminster.

Eight months on from the tower-block blaze, the group said key issues were being “downplayed or ignored” and that it was acting to keep “this tragedy in the national conscience”.

The red billboards, which were driven past St Paul’s cathedral, where a national memorial service was held in December, and Westminster, say “71 dead”, “And still no arrests?”, “How Come?”

In the film, a mother challenges authorities over finding the culprit for the rape and murder of her daughter.

Justice 4 Grenfell said: “These three billboards are here to keep this tragedy in the national conscience, to make sure that the voices of those no longer with us are heard.”

Clarrie Mendy, who lost two relatives in the fire, said she wanted to “commend” what the billboards represented.

Speaking in front of the posters, parked outside the charred high-rise on Thursday afternoon, she said: “A lot of people have deadened, closed their minds to Grenfell.

“Life goes on every day, we know, but for some of us it doesn’t, it’s never moved on from that day.

“So really, it’s beautiful that these billboards are going around, they’ve been outside Parliament today, and as a humanitarian and seeking humanity for Grenfell, I really do hope these open a lot of people’s subconscious mind to look at this – how is this still going on eight months later?”

(Image: PA)
(Image: PA)

Joe Delaney, who is still in a hotel after being evacuated eight months ago from his home neighbouring the tower, said: “I’m really pleased that we were up around Westminster today. I do hope that those in power saw them and took note.”

He went on: “People have gone from being shocked and numb initially, to being hopeful that they were getting help, to now being resentful that we’re not getting help and so unfortunately what’s the next step from that?

“Unless something dramatically changes around here we’re just going to move from resentment to anger.”

“Summer is approaching, so is the year anniversary. Those are big milestones that are approaching and they are approaching fast, so I would urge anyone that’s in authority to get their skates on and get some action on this matter.”



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