Reduce Food Waste: Not on your Nelly!

Ever since we were allocated food-waste containers by our local council I have been conscious of food waste, especially bread waste. It’s a pity that shops won’t help waste-conscious people to buy less.

Food Waste and its consequences on Climate Crisis - Iberdrola

Today, I decided to make a stew, because it’s wet, damp and cold, so I added all the ingredients to my shopping list. As my family have grown-up and gone I don’t need large amounts, to cook with and I try to buy less, however, I had to buy a large bag of carrots, because they had no loose ones, ditto parsnips, I did manage to get one small-red onion.

When I got to the till: the [Morrisons] cashier weighed and priced the small onion at fifty pence, I exclaimed “fifty pence! I can get a whole bag of red onions for pound over there! I am trying to cut down on food waste and it’s costing me phenomenally more to do so.” On principle I wouldn’t pay it and told her to take it off my bill, so now my stew will be onionless.

How can shops justify this! From now on I will buy the cheapest no matter the volume, it can either be blanched and put in the freezer or in the food-waste container. It’s just plain craziness to me how when people are starving, businesses are encouraging food waste.

So if you should see my food-waste container full on bin days, please blame the stores and not me. GN

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